10 Disney Movies Fans Would Love As A Live-Action Movie, According To Reddit

Many Disney fans are excited about Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming live-action rendition of Pinocchiowhich will debut in September 2022. The studio is also in the works with live-action “enhanced CGI movies” like Hercules, Bambiand even Aristocats.

However, Disney’s live-action efforts were met with mixed reception. While projects like The jungle Book received praise, Mulane and The Lion King, did not elicit an enthusiastic response. However, some Redditors are hoping Disney will consider their favorite movies for a reboot adaptation, either giving interesting locals that suffered from poor execution another chance or emboldening already classic films.


Brother Bear

Decoded argues that Disney should focus on animated films that were good “but still have room to grow” for future live-action adaptations. Brother Bear managed to convey a flawed selfish protagonist and mature him by confronting his insecurities. His transformation also turned out to be physical.

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Because this film is set after the last ice age in the winter woods of Alaska, this live action would be visually stunning. Disney is capable of producing high quality animation; with a few tweaks to improve the script, passionate actors could make this movie a success.

The Incredibles

Superhero movies are a staple of major film companies, and Disney saw superhero success with its acquisition of Marvel. With his experience in this field, fans can only imagine how The Incredibles could be live-action.

Fans praise its realistic dialogue, characters, family dynamics, action scenes and compelling voice actors – plus, The Incredibles 2is amazing at the box office ($1.245 billion via box office mojo), it’s surprising that Disney hasn’t started production on this action-thriller. Silencer-External-1611 says they’d like to “see some live action on The Incredibles.”


This Pixar film was inspired by Scottish lore and in part by the co-director’s relationship with her then-teenage daughter (via New York Times). “I would like Brave, but a better adaptation… I think it would be a very cute initiation film”, proposes Ozma_Wonderland. Fans hope the story’s charming family theme will remain a focal point.

It would be best to keep the film in its present day due to its rich aesthetic designs, costumes, and locations. Unlike many movies where fans get a glimpse of the Victorian era (and more), medieval-themed movies in the modern era are rare.

Meet the Robinsons

Although this sci-fi movie can be a little weird at times, Meet the Robinsons was praised for addressing family, friendships, and consequences. Arunanderson67 thinks the futuristic film could be a hit if it was “produced and directed by Frank Coraci”. He is responsible for directing other eccentric plays like The Waterboy and Zoo keeper.

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Even with its huge cast, every character in the animated version is colorful and vibrant. This movie would be a great project for actors who are demonstrative and want to shoot something fun but grounded in character development.


The Legend of Tarzan (2016) had a lot of trouble, and they showed at the box office ($356.7 million, per box office mojo). Despite its star and well-cast cast, Warner Brother’s live-action failed to connect with audiences and strayed from the fish-out-of-water element that made the Disney original special.

If Disney decided to remake the 1997 Tarzanit should retain the best elements of its animated counterpart: Tarzan, Kala (gorilla mother) and the music. LRA18 states, “As long as they get Phil Collins back, I’m down.”

Olivier and company

Olivier and company is a hidden gem of Disney’s 1980s era. While some of these older films suffer in the modern era due to their aging visual fidelity, a live-action remake could help bring this story to a new generation of viewers. Hope a remake doesn’t skip the charming musical numbers like 2020 Mulane live action project.

In his heart, Olivier and company is about a young man who finds his place in a chaotic world. Comment is adamant that Disney should only use “real dogs.” Dogs never need to be [CGI]. They are super smart” as long as these animals are treated humanely.


Although Disney is primarily known for its fairy tales, there are few gems like Rescuers scattered throughout Disney’s extensive collection. As The jungle Book (2016), the animals would be made with realistic CGI.

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The Rescuers Below focuses on stopping the barbaric animal trade. It would be wonderful to see Disney continue to emphasize animal conservation awareness. Although this 1990s film is set in outback Australia, due to its current relevance, prophet of science adds: “I think Rescuers would lend itself well to a modern live-action adaptation.

Ralph’s Wrecks

While most Ralph’s Wrecks and its sequel is set in video games or on the internet, there are also real-world shots sprinkled throughout the stories. However, although some of the films take place in a virtual world and some do not, everything is rendered with the same CGI visual style. Although the group doesn’t necessarily appear to be in the majority, some Redditors have argued that Ralph and company should get in on the live action.

Although the Editor deleted their profile, their comment is compelling: “live action for player footage [of Wreck-It Ralph] would make perfect sense and actually help immersion. “Since most of the film features characters from video games, it might be surreal to go from anime to real people. Trying to mix live action with


Tangled would be a good [live-action] movie focusing more on Rapunzel escaping the abusive relationship with her mother,” says Ozma_Wonderland. When this 2016 film premiered, it was popular among fans for its fun plot, humor, age-appropriateness, musical score, mischievous and beautiful hero, and naive yet strong heroine.

There’s something very magical about stepping back in time, and this is Disney’s main opportunity to visit the 1780s to turn the beautiful animated scenes into live action. The dancing square, the lanterns, the boat on the lake and Rapunzel’s shiny hair are some of the most iconic parts of Tangled.

The fox and the hunting dog

Hardspank916 suggests a twist The fox and the hunting dog, where Disney could use the main themes of the animation, “but a moody version…with real people in the roles.” While that might be a controversial definition of “live-action,” its message is a compelling idea.

Disney drew a lot of criticism for its live-action The Lion King (2019) because fans felt the cast didn’t connect well with the audience. Rather than just trying to turn a movie into CGI, adjusting the script to a modern application may intrigue fans.

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