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20th Century Girl, a highly anticipated Korean film, will officially debut on Netflix in October 2022. Kim Yoo Jung, a well-known Korean actress, will make her Netflix debut in the romantic comedy. The plot, cast, trailers and Netflix release date for 20th Century Girl will all be updated on this page. Bang Woo Ri is the writer and director of the upcoming South Korean romantic comedy 20th Century Girl, a Netflix Original.

What is the story of 20th Century Girl about?

Bo Ra, a 17-year-old high school student, is an active member of her school’s broadcast club and Yeon Du’s best friend. They attend the same school, and the latter has a huge crush on Hyun Jin. Yeon Du asks Bo Ra to investigate everything related to Hyun Jin, but as she watches him closely, she also falls in love with him. The BBFC gave the film a PG rating, with warnings for language, sexual imagery, violence and threats.

Who are the cast of 20th Century Girl?

Only a small part of 20th Century Girl’s cast has been officially confirmed so far. Only one of the six cast members who were revealed in September 2021 – Park Jung Woo, who appeared in Hospital Playlist and DP as guests – stars in Netflix Originals. Kim Yoo Jung, formerly dubbed “Korea’s little sister” due to her fame, will make her Netflix debut in 20th Century Girl.
Below is the confirmed cast of 20th Century Girl:

Kim Yoo Jung
Goodbye Woo Seok
Park Jungwoo
Roh Yoon Seo
Gong Myung
Ong Seong Wu

When will 20th Century Girl be available on Netflix?

We know that 20th Century Girl was filmed at the end of 2021, starting on December 12 and ending several weeks later on January 21, 2022, thanks to information provided on IMDb pro.
20th Century Girl will be available on Netflix worldwide in October 2022, according to information released by Netflix as part of their Fall 2022 announcements. The exact date has yet to be revealed.

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