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PBS Sanditon is their eight-part adaptation of the latest unfinished novel of the same name by Jane Austen. The period drama follows Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) as she moves to the peaceful fishing village of Sanditon for a fresh start, only to meet Sidney (Theo James), a charming man with the ambition to transform the tranquil seaside residence into a luxury resort.

PBS brought in Jane Austen’s master of adaptations, Andrew Davies (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and sensitivity) to write Sanditon, and the result is exactly the electric romantic drama that only Jane Austen and Andrew Davies can create.

Sanditon: Austen’s last novel

Jane Austen had eleven chapters in her last book, Sanditon before her death in 1817. Determined to write despite her illness, many of her chapters were completed in pencil because holding a pen was too difficult for her. While Austen’s working title for the novel was Brothers, his family renamed him Sanditon, after the city where the heroine, Charlotte Heywood, settles down as a summer guest.

Chance leads Charlotte to Sanditon, after Mr and Mrs Parker crashed their car outside his home in Sussex. The couple are forced to stay with the Heywood family as Mr Parker recovers from the crash and their car is repaired. They treat the Heywood family with their plans to modernize the fishing village of Sanditon into a fashionable seaside resort. When the couple have finally recovered, they bring Charlotte to town with them as a guest.

The characters lead the story

Like Jane Austen, it is the characters who take center stage in Sanditon. Jane Austen has never shied away from strong female characters and, for the first time, introduces a woman of African descent. We’re going to break down all the characters so you can focus on the rest of the drama!

Charlotte heywood

Accustomed to a period drama, Rose Williams plays Charlotte Heywood after turns in the series, Reign, Emily Dickinson’s biopic A quiet passion, the 15th century series, Medici.

Charlotte Heywood is the modern, witty and strong-willed Austen heroine whom we immediately love. The eldest daughter of the Heywood family, Charlotte’s transition from a field mouse to the world of a thriving seaside village lets her slip away.

Sidney parker

A former weak-hearted Turkish diplomat at Downton Abbey, Theo James is also the face of Hugo Boss’s signature fragrance and will now be known as Sidney Parker. Sidney is the charming and mysterious brother of Charlotte’s hosts, who instantly catches Charlotte’s attention.

Young Stringer

Because he can’t be Austen without a love triangle, Leo Suter plays the role of Young Stringer. Suter has already made a name for himself in Victoria like the hapless Edward Drummond. Young Stringer of Suter is Sandition’s construction foreman, with dreams of an architect.

Tom parker

Sidney’s brother, Tom Parker is played by Kris Marshall (Love in fact, Death at funeral). The “man with a plan” Tom is the lead developer of Sandition, despite the fact that the size of his portfolio does not match the size of his vision.

Miss Lambé

Austen’s first character of African descent is not a servant. Miss Georgiana Lambe is played by American actress Crystal Clarke, who has starred in everything since Downton abbey To Star Wars, Episode VIII. Described in Austen’s novel as a “young West Indian of great fortune”, of mixed race, about 17 years old.

In the series, Miss Lambe is the ward of a reluctant Sidney Parker, who brings her, to her dismay, from the West Indies to London and from London to the seaside resort of Sanditon.

Lady Denham

Played by Anne Reid (Years and years), Lady Denham is the wealthy widow who holds the purse strings in the renovation of Sanditon. Lady Denham is surrounded by nieces and nephews who she believes may be looking to make a fortune. During this time, she is enjoying the power that comes with her wealth.

Already brings some controversy

We were taking the fans out in the first episode of Sanditon, which includes Charlotte passing over a. . .handjob. . .? In an Austen series? Wait, later the couple explain that “Miss Brereton was upset and I was trying to comfort her.” We’ve never seen a man comfort a woman like that.

We look forward to the early renewal of this beautiful period drama on PBS.

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