Another Thrilling Poster Of Jayy Randhawa’s Upcoming Romance Action Movie Released

Jayy Randhaa has risen to fame as one of the most talented and prominent actors in the Punjabi industry. He blew away the critics with his incredible acting skills in the movie “Shooter”. And now the actor is preparing for the movie Chobbar. The upcoming film, which is set to hit screens on November 11, stars Jayy in the lead role.

The release date is fast approaching and there is serious curiosity among the fans. Many intriguing posters and trailers have already emerged, and yet another poster has added itself to the list. Yes, before the release of Chobbar, Jayy Randhawa delighted fans with another thrilling poster. In the poster, fans will see Jayy donning two avatars, in one his face has been injured with scratches, and in the other he is wearing a turban.

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Randhawa was also tied up with ropes. The upcoming movie is filled with high octane action and drama. And the film also has a dash of romance, making it a romantic action movie. The name of Jayy’s role in Chobbar will be Saabi, which means young, adolescent and intellectual. The actor will initially appear in the film as a teenager.

Moreover, the first trailer has already been released, and now fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the second one soon. In the meantime, take a look at the new Chobbar poster.

Come to the credits, aside Jayy Randhawa, the Chobbar movie will also feature Drishty Talwar in the female lead role. And other actors like Honey Mattu, Sukh Chahal, Seema Kaushal, Sanju Solanki, Kavy Singh, Gurteg Singh and Pardeem Cheema will be seen trying out the supporting roles. Moreover, the movie was written by Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan and directed by Maneesh Bhatt. It will be released under the banner of Geet MP3.

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