Antonio Banderas, Jaime King and Tommy Flanagan in Banshee action movie

Jaime King, Antonio Banderas, and Tommy Flanagan have joined the cast of the upcoming action flick Banshee of the director Jon keeyes, who is known for films such as The survivor and Thug hostage, by variety.

Written by Matthew Rogers, who also wrote the above The survivor, the film follows an assassin for hire, the titular Banshee (King), who is ambushed by a powerful mercenary named Anthony Greene (Flanagan). Greene killed Banshee’s father and is now looking to collect a bounty that is on the head of Banshee’s mentor, Caleb (Banderas). Five years ago, Caleb had been in hiding, which means the Banshee is now on the clock to find and rescue his mentor before he suffers the same fate as his father.


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Banshee is a complex story of revenge and family, and to have this incredibly talented cast to bring these characters to life is a dream, ”Keeyes told Variety. “We are delighted to have such an incredible cast for this wall-to-wall action flick,” the film’s producers said. Jordan yale levine and Jordan beckerman. “Antonio Banderas is a legend and having him alongside Jaime King and Tommy Flanagan in such an energetic film is going to keep audiences going.”

Recently King played on Netflix Black summer, and the cinema Out of death with Bruce willis. Banderas recently appeared in Bodyguard of the Hitman’s Wife and will play in Official competition, and will appear in Unexplored and the fifth to come Indiana Jones movie. Flanagan recently appeared in episodes of Westworld and Mayas MC Keyeyes will be released soon The survivor, featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John malkovich next month.

There is currently no release date for Banshee.

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