Beast box office totals find action flick sharpens its claws with $925,000 in Thursday previews

As the last gasps of summer roll out of the season, theaters are struggling to put asses in seats. Concrete example, Universalit is The beast sunk its teeth to $925,000 in Thursday previews at 2,900 theaters. While not a total abysmal, theater owners are likely losing their hair in clumps as their theaters continue to recover from the pandemic. Fortunately, The beast will expand to 3,743 theaters on Friday, giving more people the chance to sharpen their claws on Idris Elba’s latest action flick. In other words, things could get better for the The beast box office totals soon.

Analysts predict The beast could make $10 million over the weekend. However, the Baltasar Kormákur-directed thrill ride cost $36 million to produce and pimp potential audiences. Fortunately, The beast is doing better overseas and has garnered $4.9 million in tickets sold so far. Surprisingly, The beast could be beaten by Goku at the box office this weekend. You hear me. Goku’s Dragon Ball Z celebrity. Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes is going Super Saiyan at the box office targeting a $13-15 million weekend start. Distributed by Crunchyroll, Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes is sure to attract otakus from all over the world to have fun on the big screen with their favorite Dragon Ball characters.

In The beasta father (Idris Elba) and his two daughters find themselves hunted by a huge rogue lion determined to prove that the savannah has only one apex predator. The beast received positive reviews from critics, with many praising the film‘s fast pace, heart-pounding action, and unique take on the predator versus prey motif. Hope the public will go on safari with Elba and the gang rather than queuing at the local water park. You know people pee in the wave pool, right? Like, a lot of people. It’s more or less a urine crockpot with flotation devices.

Fun fact: the stronger the smell of chlorine in a swimming pool, the more pee! It’s a great little reaction that converts chlorine into chloramine, along with the ammonia in the urine! Yum!

Will you check The beast in theaters this weekend? If not, what are your plans? Let us know in the comments.

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