Billy Porter Makes The Gay Summer Camp Love Movie We Deserve

Looks like another must-see movie just came from Pose star and Emmy winner Billy Porter.

Deadline makes the exclusive announcement that Porter to Direct Adaptation of Lev Rosen’s Queer YA Novel Camp for HBO Max and Warner Bros.

The film, written by Robert O’Hara and Kit Williamson, will follow a 16-year-old gay boy named Randy who enjoys spending his summers at Camp Outland, a camp for LGBTQ+ teens. Camp is where Randy can be himself, where he’s met his best friends, and where he can perform in musicals.

It’s also where he had a crush on Hudson Aaronson-Lim, who, unfortunately, only likes “straight” gays and barely knows that campy, flamboyant Randy exists. From there, Randy hatches a plan to win Hudson’s heart.

In the film, “Randy reinvents himself over the summer as Del, a buff, masculine, market camper. Even if that means ditching show tunes, nail polish, and his unicorn sheets, he is determined to make Hudson fall in love with him. But as he and Hudson grow closer, Randy must wonder how much he’s willing to change for love. And is it really love anyway, if Hudson doesn’t don’t know who he really is?

Porter is also set to play camp theater manager Mark in the film, which is produced by Dan Jinks.

“Billy Porter, whom I’ve been blessed to know for over 20 years, is the perfect director for this story, which is both funny and moving,” Jinks said. “I wish a movie like this was around when I was growing up. I’m thrilled we can make it happen now.

Billy Porter quickly accumulates the entire list of directors. He is also making a teenage trans romance film, tentatively titled what if? This film, which stars newcomer Eva Reign, follows a trans high school student and the cis boy who has a crush on her.

When the boy posts online asking for advice about his crush, the internet encourages him to ask her out, and the film follows what happens next.

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