Cinema Sunday Discusses New Drama ‘MASS’ – The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

Writer and director Fran Kranz ’00 discussed his new drama film “MASS” during Cinema Sunday on October 24.

Film Sundays are film discussions hosted by performing arts teacher Ted Walch. Each event features a film that a parent or school alumnus has worked on. Kranz’s appearance marked the first Cinema Sunday to be held in person since the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020.

“MASS,” an American drama that explores grief and forgiveness in the aftermath of a school shooting, premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival and hit theaters Oct. 8. As the film’s director, producer and screenwriter, Kranz portrays a conversation between the parents of a school shooter and the parents of a victim, exploring grief, guilt and forgiveness throughout the nearly two-hour of the movie.

Kranz said he designed his film’s dialogue to have impact and build suspense.

“The main themes explored by ‘MASS’ are life, death and the relationships of humans with other humans,” Kranz said.

High school dean Nia Kilgore, who attended the event virtually, said the film was heartbreaking to watch, but said she enjoyed learning more about its production process during Cinema Sunday.

“Hearing Kranz talk about the emotions shown during filming was proof that actors are people and the material given to them has an impact,” Kilgore said.

College dean and performing arts teacher Kate Benton said it was important for her to attend this Sunday of the Movies, especially because Kranz was an alumnus of hers. She said it was her first time attending, but she always wanted to start coming to events.

“I loved learning how [Kranz] shot the film and heard about his process of writing, filming and working with the actors,” Benton said. “I like it too [Walch] offers movie Sundays to our community, and I hope to attend more of these events in the future. »

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