Comedy Movie ‘Idol Recipe’ May Be Too Maverick For Its Own Good

L to R: Former BAP member Jongup, Noir member Ryu Ho-yeon, former Dal Shabet member Bae Woohee, former Sonamoo member Nahyun and JBJ95 member Kenta pose after a talk press held Thursday at CGV Yongsan in Seoul. (DreamFact Entertainment)

Featuring many current and former K-pop group members, such as Dal Shabet Bae’s Woohee, BAP’s Jongup, and Noir’s Ryu Ho-yeon, the upcoming comedy “Idol Recipe” is packed with musical performances.

What the film lacks are the five elements of a cohesive plot: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Instead, it tells its story by shuttling between scenes of the present and the past based on the characters’ seemingly random and incomplete memories.

During a press conference Thursday at CGV Yongsan, the film’s director Lee Ho-sung explained that the film adopted its new format to target young millennials and Gen Z.

“(Conventional) Korean movies usually tell a story by following the plot. Instead of focusing on depicting that flow, I tried to create a movie that showcases the emotions and vibes of the characters and their music. I don’t know how audiences will take it,” the director said.

However, this unorganized and unorganized way of telling a story makes it difficult for the audience to understand what is going on.

Lee’s film chronicles the journey of mixed K-pop group Bella as they struggle to rise to fame. To make matters worse, the group’s agency shows no interest in promoting them. The group’s manager Bae Jae-sung (Lee Ji-hoon), who is in mounting personal debt, attempts to sell the artists to another agency run by a rival artist. Jae-sung’s plan seems to have worked – until he loses all the money from the deal and wakes up with no memory of the night before.

The director also explained why he selected former and current K-pop singers to play the members of Bella during the press conference.

“I wanted Bella’s performance in the film to meet the standards of audiences around the world,” Lee said. “We couldn’t take the time to film musical scenes like they do for music videos. Therefore, we spent a lot of time during pre-production on how to capture the best moment.

Woohee added that the actors’ first meeting was memorable as they met in a dance practice room, which reflects the hard work they put into the musical scenes.

“Idol Recipe”, directed by Lee Ho-sung (DreamFact Entertainment)

“Actors usually meet for the first time to read scripts together. But it was different for this movie,” Woohee said.

Despite all the hard work of the director and cast in singing and dancing, the quality of the musical performances is unlikely to impress K-pop fans accustomed to high-quality performances on big-budget sets.

One of the stars, Lee Ji-hoon was unable to attend the press conference on Thursday as he tested positive for COVID-19.

The film will be released in local theaters in March.

By Song Seung-hyun ([email protected])

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