“Cop Secret” review in Locarno: Parodies of derivative action films are organized in Iceland for a change

The likable Icelandic Spoof Secret SEES director / co-writer Hannes Thor Halldórsson makes a smooth transition. From professional sport to the world of cinema.

Words advanced in the picture focused on the fact that Halldórsson. And had become the first goalkeeper of the national football team for more than a decade. This film, however, proves enough interests and charms to appeal to the crowd to live up to their abilities.

A bit generous praising Locarno’s main competition niches for the best in the world:

These fast paced frolics can destroy home office boxes (in local jokes plentiful everywhere). And organize grills throughout the Nordic / Scandinavian region. Plus, he could do some kind of Hot Fuzz of arctic cousin Edgar Wright. At the same time, the plot was dealt with with Jauntainy

. About two complex and ferocious policemen. Who is accidentally forced to work together? Then became “much more than just partners”. Make it a must-have for LGBT + themed festivals and midnight movie slots.

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There’s a long-term argument that no director should have a parody essay. Without first showing the ability to achieve real things with a straight face. However, Hannes can point to Wright’s initial career – which began in 1995 with the budget Nano, Crowdfunded Mock-Western Finger. The Secret of the COP is a simple mounted. For comparison, many arrested actions and Hollywood-style fireworks. Which are brought with technically confident and comedic persuasive brilliance.

Gag Secret Secret Secret COP (Original title which translates to ‘detective’):

This is the absurdity of the high octane shenanigans going on inside. And around the roads of Reykjavik which are not so cruel. A local shot with cinematographer Elli Cassata looks like the European or North American metropolis. It was even explosive interludes and a cute atmosphere in ‘Chinatown’.

The part of town that hasn’t found so far. All of this is a backdrop for the bromance-romance between ‘heaviest police’, dysfunctional, drinker, pizza-eating Reykjavik, Loner Bússi (Authunn Blöndal). And that equates to the next, more prosperous jurisdiction.

As annoyed Egill Einarsson (better known in some circles as DJ Muscleboy). Hörthur is the opposite of wealthy Bussi. Urban, educated, multilingual, sophisticated, smart dressed, well-groomed. But no less effective when it seems to elucidate the crime and slam the suspect behind bars.

After the initial macho friction, the reverse becomes very interesting. This was not at all a problem for the Hörthur of the 21st century. What we are told very early on “is defined as a * xual side”. But something of a psychological barrier to schools that are older Bússi.

The pair of edges that are not suited (then sprint) towards physical compassion is threatened:

And led by Rikki Ferrari (Björn Hynur Björnsson), a former friend of the catwalks of former model Hörthur has changed his criminal brain madly. In one of the films is usually a Daft but the practical touch, Rikki.

Many are given in the absentee of the ridiculous aphorism taken from the animal kingdom. Giving almost every line in English with a diverse American accent echoing Nicolas Cage. Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken, and Donald Trump Alec Baldwin.

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Rikki’s intricate plan involves Iceland’s gold and revolves around an important football game. Between the Icelandic and English football teams. Hannes rejected the temptation to drop the reference to football. He developed the climax on the tone of the critical element of the finale.

Who juggled with agility with three simultaneous places thanks to the assembly of Guthni Halldórsson. From first to last, Hannes liked to make fun of the COP genre Myriaad worn. And cliché, embellished with expert and sharp dialogues. From co-writers Nino Petersen and Sverrir Thór Sverrisson – the latter.

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