Dangerous: RGV’s First Lesbian Crime Action Movie in India, Trailer, Release Date & More

Director-producer Ram Gopal Verma aka RGV is coming soon with his controversial film Dangerous, the information was given by RGV himself on Twitter by uploading the poster of his film which revolves around two girls whose relationship turns into an intense affair after their bad experiences with Men.

Dangerous release date

Reportedly, its production is complete and the film is ready for its post-production work, where the film will be edited and will finally be ready for theatrical distribution. A low budget film consisting of around 0.5 to 1 crores (approx). The film was supposed to be released on November 19, 2021 but was postponed for unknown reasons.

Later the makers came up with a new date of April 8, 2022, the film was again pushed back due to theaters refusal, RGV claimed that theaters refused to screen his film as it is based on lesbian theme .

Dangerous will be released in various Indian languages ​​Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada, there is no update on the next release date, it might skip the theatrical release and go straight for the digital route, however, no matter what, we will update you.

Controversy and dangerous conspiracy

“Dangerous” entered controversy when RGV first uploaded its movie poster on May 12, 2021, for which it was lambasted by Twitter users for misrepresenting lesbian experiences.

In the post he explains the storyline of the movie that the movie is about two girls who due to a bad experience with a man fall in love with each other, talking about the climax he has in further said that due to their intense bonding throws them to dangerous criminals and more dangerous cops which lead to a thrilling climax.

Dangerous Star Cast and New Trailer

Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguli are featured in the film as lesbians. It is the first lesbian crime action movie in India. Recently, RGV tweeted about the movie, that the movie will be coming soon, he uploaded the poster where the new trailer release date was written there, which is October 5, 2021, at 5 p.m., and c ‘is out.

In the poster, the two girls kiss with bloody scars and watery eyes on their respective faces. He said that “Today, on the eve of the release of Shiva, happy to announce that I have traveled from cycle chain to blockchain and am now entering the world of crypto and the world NFT to make dangerous, the first feature in India to be sold as NFT.Rgv Coin launching soon.

dangerous trailer

The trailer for this high intensity love story was released on 13th May 2021 on Ram Gopal Verma’s own official YouTube channel (RGV), it was viewed over 25 lakhs and reached 42,000 likes at that time. day. The heat-filled trailer received a generally positive response from viewers eager to watch the film.

First Dangerous Video Song

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