Darlings: Alia Bhatt’s Classic Drama Will Hit Netflix in 2022

Alia Bhatt’s famous Darlings movies will appear on Netflix this year. The most anticipated Darlings from Red Chilies Entertainment & Eternal Sunshine Productions will be streaming on Netflix this year.

The film was produced by Gauri Khan, Alia Bhatt and Gaurav Verma, the film is definitely director Jasmeet K Reen’s feature debut and stars Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Verma and Roshan Mathew 8 in the key roles. . The darlings arrive with fantastic music composer Vishal Bhardwaj and also lyricist Gulzar.

The film‘s director has just revealed “I couldn’t have asked for a better first feature – working with such a versatile and talented group of actors has been an absolute pleasure. I’m thrilled that Red Chilies and Eternal Sunshine are taking the film around the world with Netflix. The popular actress comes to light as a producer for the first time with Red Chilies. We are very proud and happy with how the film has come together and we hope it entertains and engages audiences around the world.


Red Chilies Entertainment Producer and COO Gaurav Verma added, “A storyline nurtured by the house, and later produced with the amazing Alia, and backed by a stellar cast in Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma and Rohan Mathew, helmed by Jasmeet, who has a lot of promise, Darlings is very special to all of us. Gulzar Saab and Vishal Ji gave soul to the film in the songs. We couldn’t have asked for better. I can’t wait for the public to finally see the film.

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Le réalisateur du film et des licences de Netflix, Pratiksha Rao, a déclaré: «Chez Netflix, nous voulons divertir nos membres avec les meilleurs films de leur catégorie, dans tous les genres, rendus[possiblesencollaborantaveclescinéastesquipeuventprendreungrandviragecréatifpourraconterdeshistoiresdiversesetcaptivantesAvecDarlingsnouspouvonspoursuivrenotrepartenariatdelonguedateavecRedChiliesEntertainmentetnoussommeségalementravisd’êtrelefoyerdelapremièreproductiond’AliaBhattDarlingsdupremierréalisateurJasmeetKReenestunincontournableunetempêteparfaitepourcaptiverleintrigueunenouvellenarrationaniméepardesperformancespuissantes[possiblebycollaboratingwiththefilmmakerswhocantakeabigcreativeswingtotelldiverseandcompelli8ngstoriesAlongwithDarlingswecancontinueourlong-standingpartnershipwithRedChiliesEntertainmentandarealsoexcitedtobethehomeforAliaBhatt’sfirstproductionDarlingsbydebutdirectorJasmeetKReenisamust-watchaperfectstormofrivetingtheplotfreshstorytellingbroughttolifetopowerfulperforomances”[possiblesencollaborantaveclescinéastesquipeuventprendreungrandviragecréatifpourraconterdeshistoiresdiversesetcaptivantesAvecDarlingsnouspouvonspoursuivrenotrepartenariatdelonguedateavecRedChiliesEntertainmentetnoussommeségalementravisd’êtrelefoyerdelapremièreproductiond’AliaBhattDarlingsdupremierréalisateurJasmeetKReenestunincontournableunetempêteparfaitepourcaptiverleintrigueunenouvellenarrationaniméepardesperformancespuissantes[possiblebycollaboratingwiththefilmmakerswhocantakeabigcreativeswingtotelldiverseandcompelli8ngstoriesAlongwithDarlingswecancontinueourlong-standingpartnershipwithRedChiliesEntertainmentandarealsoexcitedtobethehomeforAliaBhatt’sfirstproductionDarlingsbydebutdirectorJasmeetKReenisamust-watchaperfectstormofrivetingtheplotfreshstorytellingbroughttolifetopowerfulperformances”

The story of the movie is mostly a dark comedy that focuses on the life of a mother-daughter duo trying to find their place in Mumbai, seeking courage and love in the different situations as they fight against all the obstacles.

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