DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS: A mild-mannered superhero comedy

An animated movie about pets from the DC Universe seems like an obvious choice to make. With kids focusing on superheroes in movies, why not make another DC Comics movie aimed squarely at the little winners? DC League of Super Pets delivers pretty much what you’d expect from the same animation studio and staff behind it LEGOBatman.

It’s a cute, slick take on DC Comics characters with a kid-friendly sense of adventure. It’s not as snappy as LEGO Batman, but it’s okay. Sometimes it’s nice to have an animated comedy for kids that doesn’t rely on gags that will most likely fly over the heads of kids who find out Superman has a dog.

The Crypto Legend

The film centers on Superman’s dog, Krypto (Dwayne Johnson). In case you’re wondering about origins, Krypto traveled with Superman to Earth when he was just a baby. Krypto grows up with Superman, becoming best friends with the Man of Steel in Metropolis. Kryptonian dogs apparently live much longer than Earth dogs. This must make friendships with other dogs difficult.

source: Warner Bros.

This is a problem because Krypto is way too attached to Superman. The alien dog is very protective of its master. So you can imagine how badly he takes the news that Superman plans to marry Lois Lane. With a woman in the apartment, Superman might not be as chummy with Krypto, the dog fears.

A dangerous guinea pig

Krypto finds himself alone against the latest threat to humanity. Lex Luthor’s kryptonite experiments led to the creation of Lulu (Kate McKinnon), a hairless guinea pig. This evil pet manages to get his hands on orange kryptonite and psychic powers.

Lulu is just as cunning as Luthor, being well aware of Superman’s weakness to green kryptonite. She uses this knowledge to not only weaken and kidnap Superman, but also to rob Krypto of his powers. No longer able to use the same powers as his master, Krypto must find a new way to fight. He needs a team.

Unsuitable pets

Luckily, Krypto isn’t the only superpowered pet in Metropolis. Abandoned pets have also come into contact with orange kryptonite. As (Kevin Hart) leads them as a boxer who can handle any damage. His power is to take damage and protect others from harm. This reflects his ability to inspire hope where there is little with his friends.

DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS: A mild-mannered superhero comedy
source: Warner Bros.

The other pets have similar issues and corresponding powers. BP (vanessa bayer) is a pig with size-changing powers that she cannot control because she lacks a sense of self-esteem. Merton McSnurtle (Natacha Lyonne) is a sassy turtle with powers of speed and evil perceptions. Chip (Diego Mona) is an uneasy squirrel with too unstable lighting powers in uncertain hands.

Of course, Krypto will learn to lead them while learning more about himself. This leads to strong chemistry between the quirky animals. It helps that all animals are as lovable for their insecurities as they are for their desires to be loved.

hero hearts

There is a certain softness that slowly envelops the image. The first act is mostly a series of cute jokes and simple setups. It’s decent directing but it left me curious as to what path this type of film might take for its second half. How easy it would be for this type of image to become a mindless mix of pet jokes.

DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS: A mild-mannered superhero comedy
source: Warner Bros.

Surprisingly, this film takes a rather emotional route. There’s some buildup to this with how Krypto establishes early on that he’ll have to make a noble sacrifice. However, it’s the camaraderie and touching nature that makes this moment of obligatory nobility leave a greater impact.

I think what I liked the most about this movie was seeing the real love between Superman and Krypto. It never feels like an overdone relationship. The film plays around with the concept but never reduces it to a simplistic master-pet dynamic. It’s also just fun to have a Superman that’s healthier than previous adaptations, like in Dark as Night Batman v. Superman.

Animation mixed bag

The animation has me at a bit of a crossroads. The animals themselves all have great designs. The many animals are distinct enough to still be pleasing to the eye. You can buy them both as pets and as crime-fighting creatures.

DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS: A mild-mannered superhero comedy
source: Warner Bros.

That being said, the design of Justice League leaves a lot to be desired. Superman looks good, but it seems clear that the designs of Cyborg and Aquaman don’t mesh as well. I blame this mostly on the aesthetic of keeping humans with big heads and thin bodies with comically large torsos.

This is perhaps my least favorite Cyborg design, considering he looks more like a mangled mess of robotic parts and an afro than a cyborg. The design style is so bizarre that the most pleasing superhero design is Jessica “Green Lantern” Cruz for her fuller appearance and no generic body type.

Comedy for children

Considering it’s a movie that does a Paw Patrol hit, I’m pretty confident to say that it’s a movie better built to make kids laugh more than adults. The humor is never referential enough to make DC Comics newbies feel left out of the joke.

DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS: A mild-mannered superhero comedy
source: Warner Bros.

While I was hoping for more from this, maybe it’s just my grown-up DC Comics fan in me that’s begging for a little appeasement. Considering how much older fans get with stuff like Teen Titans Go and LEGO Batman, it’s more than good to have a DC Comics animated movie aimed more at younger audiences that deserves a great intro. .

That being said, the film still has fun with action and adventure that even the most jaded parents will find entertaining. There are witty gags thrown into the mix and fun tinkering with the mechanics of characters like Batman and Mercy Graves. I couldn’t help but laugh at the passive gag about Krypto having a Batman chew toy.

By the way, I was a little impressed to finally see Chip in a DC Comics movie. I never expected to see the Green Lantern squirrel gracing the big screen. Note to parents, though, you might not want to check out Chip’s comic book story given his tragic downfall.

Conclusion: DC League of Super-Pets

Super Animals flies high for an animated film aimed at a smaller crowd, creating a strong superhero image for the whole family. It’s sweet enough to find a touching core to his story of friendship and heroism. It’s also playful enough to have a lying prank about dog pee and poo that never feels like too much.

It’s the kind of movie that I just know I’m going to like more over time. My first reaction was a little surprised at how much more I dug into the film than I thought. But the more I deplore the charms of the image, the more it makes me smile all the more. like someone who loves Supermanit’s refreshing to have a new movie that depicts the Steel man as more of an alien with a heart of gold than a super-powered punching machine.

Children deserve an animated film that carries an authentic message about friendship and teamwork. Who better to be the repository of such lessons than superhero pets? They will certainly listen to these colorful characters, even if the humans of this universe cannot understand their barking and squealing.

Have you seen DC League of Super Pets at the theatre ? Who was your favorite character? How does it compare next to LEGOBatman? Let us know in the comments below.

DC League of Super-Pets hits theaters on July 29, 2022!

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