Devotion: Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell collaborate for a War Drama film


Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell come with the latest war drama, “Devotion.” Sony Pictures recently released an amazing trailer and promotional footage for the film, the story revolves around the Korean War.

If you look closely, you might see that the first part of the trailer kicks off with a viewers reintroduction to Majors as Ensign Jese Brown, and also provides a snippet of his general duties as a pilot. . After the actions begin, a few more scenes expose Ensign Brown facing other obstacles before reaching the black man in the unit.


Now the full score is able to accompany the high-stakes action of “America’s Forgotten War,” causing conflict both on the battlefield and on the aircraft carrier. The massive landscapes revealed in the trailer also promise audiences a visually pleasing film that needs to be experienced on the big screen to truly become immersive in the story.

Considering the action of the battle, the new trailer indicates that all things become waiting battles filled with huge explosions. Tender moments can indeed have a good time and also intensify with this emotional drama. Viewers become aware of the dynamic between Ensign Brown and Powell’s Lt. Tom Hudner as they can meet, start flying together, and also try to manage trust with each other.

The new trailer also reveals bits of some Ensign Brown’s relationship, as well as other aspects of his work. The new trailer features must-see movies for fans of this category and military history in normal times, there are two tracks holding such experience in biopics with amazing action projects.

After knowing the real story, Devotion told the real story with extremely famous American fighter pilots, Ensign Brown and Lieutenant Hunter handle more than 20 missions and face a number of arrow obstacles as they were fighting an invasion right in the middle. of the Korean War.

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Devotion: Distribution

The military drama stars Christina Jackson, Joe Joonas and Thomas Sadoski. The screenplay was written by Jake Crane and Jonathan AG Stewart, and was also adapted from Adam Makos’ book Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice. JD Dillard who directed and is also the executive producer of Powell. The producers are Molly Smith, Rachael Smith, Thad Luckinbill and Trent Lucinball.

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Devotion: release date

The movie Devotion should be released on the 23rdrd November 2022.

Gere is the trailer:

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