Dimitri Vegas stars in new action-comedy film, H4Z4RD

Dimitri Vegas is set to star in a new action-comedy movie, “H4Z4RD.”

Better known as one half of the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike duo, the DJ, producer and actor – whose real name is Dimitri Thivaios – stars in Jonas Govaerts’ upcoming feature film. Having previously played minor roles in Men in Black: International, Jurassic World Dominion, and Rambo: Last Blood, he plays Noah Hazard, an unemployed gambler who accepts a job as a getaway driver that quickly becomes a race against time when his daughter is kidnapped by a dangerous drug dealer. Watch the Dutch language trailer below.

Premiering on Tomorrowland’s Freedom Stage on July 20, H4Z4RD, the film is set in Belgium and is dedicated to Dimitrios “Takis” Thivaios, Dimitri and Mike’s father, who passed away last year.

Speaking about his role, Thivaios – who also co-produced the film – said: “It was so great to work with such an incredible cast and director. [I] learned so much and I can’t wait for the world to see the film.

“I’ve done small roles in big movies and then all of a sudden I have a big role in a smaller movie, but that’s a big thing for me,” he told Billboard. at Tomorrowland. Billboard noted that the film “is essentially her character’s perspective on a single day of chaos in Antwerp – and the camera never leaves the car until the film’s climactic scene.”

H4Z4RD is currently showing in Belgian cinemas. According to Thivaios, the American and worldwide distribution of the film is currently in negotiation.

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