‘Dynasty Warriors’ Live-Action Movie Comes to Netflix |

‘Dynasty Warriors’ Live-Action Movie Comes to Netflix

After a premiere in Hong Kong and a follow-up release in mainland China, the live-action “Dynasty Warriors” is expected to be available on Netflix now. Based on the long-running video game series that draws inspiration from Luo Guanzhong’s classic “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, the film centers on Shu Han’s first ruler in the Three Kingdoms Period, Liu Pei, defending his state. The Netflix synopsis reads: “The Yellow Turban Rebellion erupts at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. With the help of his henchmen Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, militia leader Liu Pei successfully suppresses the revolt. Calculating warlord Dong Zhuo takes advantage of the situation and takes control of the tribunal, causing further unrest. “Read more Hypebeast

As Chinese regulators soar, Tencent Music rivals reduce dominance

Chinese competition regulators are considering cracking down on Tencent Music Entertainment to downsize the streaming giant, but the company may already be losing its edge in the country’s rapidly developing music market. Since its inception in 2016, TME has built its strength by leveraging exclusive distribution agreements with record companies and artists like Mandopop star Jay Chou to strengthen competition for the streaming services it owns. Read more Display panel

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