Exclusive: William Levy talks action-romance film ‘En Brazos De Un Asesino’

Upcoming Thriller Releasing This Week From Lionsgate And Pantelion Films IN BRAZOS BY UN ASESINO, featuring William levy and Alicia Sanz in which a cold-blooded assassin suddenly becomes responsible for the fate of a beautiful woman desperate to escape the clutches of a vicious drug lord who has held her captive for 9 years.

Based on the book “Killing Sarai” by JA Redmerski “, EN BRAZOS DE UN ASESINO was produced by Matias Moltrasio and also stars Adrian Lastra, Roberto Sosa, Ettore D’Alessandro and John John. William Levy is also a screenwriter and producer, alongside Jeff Goldberg

Victor (William Levy) has a deep secret: he’s a cold-blooded assassin. Speaking softly and handsome, Victor was brought up to do only one thing, which is to kill for money. When sent to the home of a brutal drug lord to collect payment for his latest hit, he meets the beautiful Sarai (Alicia Sanz), who has been forced to spend the last 9 years of his life with the baron. drug. After Victor leaves the compound, Sarai takes his chance at freedom by hiding in Victor’s car. But things don’t go as planned and instead of being taken home, she finds herself freed from a dangerous man to be caught in the clutches of another. As he flees from the vengeful drug lord and his brutal henchmen, Victor’s conscience catches up with him as he risks everything he stands for to protect his captive. Ultimately, the power Sarai subconsciously holds over Victor and their undeniable attraction is perhaps what puts her in the arms of a killer.

Blackfilm.com spoke with Levy exclusively about the film and the many hats he wore to end the film.

What made you decide to do it and co-write it?

William Levy: I’ve been working in the American market for five or six years, and Latinos are the largest minority in the country. We are the # 1 audience that goes to the movies, but we have fewer opportunities in movies and TV. In a way, I wanted to create more jobs for us. I didn’t want to just sit back and wait for the right projects to arrive. I wanted to go out there and create more jobs and opportunities for all of us and that’s why when I saw this book I opened my production company and wanted to create some content for us .

I saw this book that had some romance and action and thought it had stuff that we all love to watch. As an actor, you like to make these kinds of films. I did it. It was something my audience was looking for. It was very exciting when I read the story. I liked it. It was hard to do because it’s not a $ 100 million movie, so we had to use every penny the right way. It was a great experience. I wanted to bring the book to life.

Is there something different about the movie that was in the book?

William Levy: Maybe locations. You come across unexpected things when shooting a movie, and you might lose that place and now you have to go find another place. So, for example, there was a scene based in a mansion and we ended up doing it on a cruise ship. It was very well done and it was actually even better than we did it this way.

As a writer I had to deal with all of these things. When you get home people fall asleep, but I went back and met the production company and rewrote the scene for the next day because of the change of venue. It was a great ride. I really enjoyed it and I am very happy with the end result.

For those who haven’t read the book, how would you describe your character?

William Levy: Victor Faust is a cold assassin. He goes and kills for money. He works for a private agency. In the process of labor he meets this beautiful girl who has been kidnapped for the last 10 years of his life, and now the emotions get involved, and that’s when the story takes an unexpected turn. The film is a lot of fun.

What made you choose Alicia Sanz for the head row and how did it go with it?

William Levy: It was a team decision to choose Alicia. We all thought it was her because you write a story and sometimes you get a feel for who’s good at it. There were other options but everyone thought she was the right one and was coming. She is originally from Spain. We wanted to make the film very international. We have people from all over, from Italy, Argentina, Spain and other places. Alicia is very talented and a hard worker. She loves what she does.

How difficult was it for you to be the lead actor, co-writer and producer of the film?

William Levy: It was hard. Like I mentioned earlier, because I had to deal with these unexpected things every day. Three times we lost the location the day before. This involved finding a new one and rewriting the pages. It is difficult but not more difficult than what I experienced in Cuba. Nothing compares to that. I like what I do. I love what I’m doing right now and knowing that you are creating opportunities for people and for our challenges is an amazing feeling because I work hard for our people.

Would they be a sequel?

William Levy: It depends. If it’s a success, maybe. There is so much to the book and every time you make a movie you are going to miss a part of the story. So if we want to do more, it will take longer to complete, so we’re better off with a TV series.

What did you take away from director Matias Moltrasio that you can incorporate into your next project?

William Levy: There are a lot of people who have a lot of talent, but they don’t have the opportunity to show it and prove it. This guy has been in the business for 20 years and no one has given him the opportunity to make his first movie. He did a lot of commercials. He’s a guy who used to advertise in a very different way. I thought he was very talented. I told them “I want to take you to a movie” because he was very hungry to make this movie. I wanted to be part of it. I know this guy is so talented, and I’ve seen a lot of directors obviously, but this guy is so talented, so different, so creative. I saw he needed his chance. We’ve been in these situations where we know what we can do and no one believes in us. So I believed in him and wanted to be a part of someone’s life in a way. Hopefully when people see the movie they will see what I saw in it.

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