Felicity Jones’ new romantic film is a Netflix sensation

by netflix new romantic drama Your lover’s last letter is a hit in the US and around the world

FlixPatrol Reports Your lover’s last letter was the third most popular movie on Netflix worldwide this week and the second in the United States

Felicity jones

The film was released on July 23 in the United States and will be rolled out in other markets over the next week. Despite the limited release, FlixPatrol ranked the film as the world’s fifth most popular film on Netflix the day after its release. He quickly reached third place, where he has been held since Monday.

Based on the novel of the same name by Jojo Moyes in 2012, the romance film stars British actress Felicity Jones as a journalist who discovers the letter-writing remnants of a love that mirrors her own life.

In the USA, Your lover’s last letter exceeds the entire dusk saga. Recently added to the streaming platform, the movies rank between three and seven on FlixPatrol’s US charts. Blood red sky, the vampiric horror film by Peter Thorwarth, holds the world and national number one spot of the week.

FlixPatrol was launched in April 2019. The site filters publicly available data on trending series and regional popularity of streaming services, then synthesizes the data in an internal algorithm to rank the services’ top performing TVs and movies. popular, Fast business reports.

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