Grumpy Old Men filming locations: Where is the 1993 American romantic comedy film set?

Grumpy Old Men’s filming locations are as tedious as its plot. Nevertheless, we will discuss all of this here. The film is truly a classic that shows two old men hating each other and pulling obnoxious pranks just to irritate the next one. The film was released in 1993. It seriously dabbles in elements such as comedy when it comes to troubling the grumpy old man next door, as well as romance when it comes to wooing the same lady. Donald Petrie crafted the story from scratch and obviously did a great job. The movie also has a sequel named Grumpier Old Men.

We see two main characters named John Gustafson as well as Max Goldman. They live side by side but absolutely don’t like the idea. In order to make life a little difficult, they play jokes on each other. Once, John leaves a dead fish in Max’s vehicle. Both pass their time with activities such as ice fishing. This rivalry may seem like fun for both of them, but it’s a lot to take from the other people living around them.

Grumpy Old Men Filming Locations

As we know, the plot of this movie takes place in Minnesota. Thus, the crew and cast arrived in the state where the film was greenlit by the producers. In February 1993, filming for Grumpy Old Men finally began. The film’s major scenes required snowfall which was not available in the state. So, Paisley Park Studios was a go-to option. The scenes during which we see a lot of ice were shot at Lake Rebecca.

A picture of Grumpy Old Men 1993

Shooting the film on the ice meant navigating through sub-zero temperatures. Matthau contracted pneumonia while on set for the film. This, in turn, delayed the whole process for several months. This all happened when the actor was filming a fight scene with Lemmon.

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Grumpy Old Men – Release Date

Grumpy Old Men was released on December 25, 1993. No one expected this story to be a banger, but there it was, performing successfully among the crowd. The film was shot with an initial budget of US$35 million. However, while its theatrical rollout was complete, the box office collected nearly $80 million in profits, double what the team expected.

Many critics offered the explanation for this success, saying that the comedic duo of these two actors actually elevated the whole plot. It’s sure to be one of those movies the whole family can sit down and watch during the holiday season. The story is cheerful enough and not unnecessarily lengthened to make extra scenes.

Grumpy Old Men – Conspiracy

Well, we have already discussed how quite difficult it is for the townspeople to understand the feud between these two characters. We see their mutual friend Chuck, who is the owner of the bait shop, and Jack, Max’s son, who is running for mayor. The plot, apart from comedy, also portrays real emotions such as tragedy and helpfulness throughout the story. We see John’s daughter Melanie separating from her husband. It is her father who comes to support her in these difficult times.

Now comes the romantic side of the plot with the entry of Ariel Traux, who works as an English teacher. Chuck soon does, and John enters into a relationship with Ariel even though these two old men liked him at first. During the conversation, John tells her how he and Max were best friends when they were little. Later, it is revealed that the two hate each other because John married the woman Max loved in high school. However, John reasons that she was an unfaithful wife who would have only troubled Max more in his life.

Since John has now secured Ariel, Max is furious again. He reminds his neighbor that once the IRS takes John’s house off as a debt, he and Ariel have nowhere to go. So, John breaks up with her. Well, to sum it up in a nutshell, the story ends well with the two friends reconciling and John’s debts being paid off by Jacob. John and Ariel get married, but Max still leaves a fish in his wedding limo, as he should. Jacob and Melanie begin a romantic chapter.

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