Heropanti 2 Movie Review: Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria’s Action Movie Is a Assemblage of Lazy Fight Scenes and Boring Actors (Latest Exclusive)

Heropanti 2 movie review: The opening scene of Heropanti 2 introduces us to Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a gay mafia boss with a penchant for magic. Shortly after killing a mini-boss in his Cartel in a sequence similar to the “Want to See a Magic Trick” scene from Joker’s The black Knight. Needless to say I lost my shit there. I should have guessed this is the start of my woes as a viewer and critic, as Ahmed Khan’s new film, starring Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria, continues to pile one inanity after another into this excuse ruthless to undermine his dashing male lead action prowess and our collective intelligence. Heropanti 2: Esha Gupta and Tiger Shroff’s steamy and fun performance on the song Whistle Baja 2.0 is unmissable (watch the video).

Alright so after Nawazuddin’s completely hammy intro, we go to Yorkshire to meet Tiger Shroff’s character RJ (or was it Archie, I didn’t quite understand), who stays there with his mother (Amrita Singh). To his mother, RJ is an innocent, naive boy who doesn’t fight back when bullies pick on him. Of course, within 5 minutes, we find out that it’s actually Babloo, a hacker who hides from Laila’s cartel with the help of his CBI boss Khan (Zakir Hussain). If you have to drop this “bomb” in such short notice, why even bother with the masquerade?

Oh wait, that only happened because we meet Inaaya (Tara Sutaria). I don’t know what she does professionally, is she an influencer or a model or a businessman, but the woman is boring as hell! The little interest I had for Heropanti 2 fell apart at how boring this character is. Inaaya is so bad that I now have a new admiration for what Kareena did with Poo in K3G. In the end, I suspect even the creators were tired of her screaming and preening that they brought the heroine from the first HeropantiKriti Sanon, to dance with Tiger in the film’s final song. Heropanti 2 Song Whistle Baja 2.0: Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon will charm you with their dance moves in this upbeat number.

In the name of comedy, Inaaya has Babloo stripped in the middle of a public place. In their supposed “meets-cute” scene in the flashback, she plants a kiss on him without his permission despite not even knowing him. Dude, someone, please give him a book on sexual harassment!

It’s not just Inaaya, even the movie likes to objectify girls and Tiger Shroff, for that matter. In a very WTF scene, a white female doctor comes to check on Babloo, baring her ample cleavage, but what distracted me here was the prom queen banner on her dress. Just why!

Watch the trailer:

So, anyway, as Inaaya gets on your nerves, Tiger Shroff goes from one action set to another, all the while trying to look his best in both a blazer and shirtless. Maybe it’s my love for kungfu movies, but I look up to this guy. He could have done in Bollywood what Tony Jaa did for the Thai action genre, or Iko Uwais for Indonesian cinema. In terms of action, Tiger still has miles to go, but his martial arts prowess is unquestionably impressive.

So it’s disappointing that Tiger finds filmmakers who are more obsessed with showing off how cool he looks in slow motion when doing backflips or air-kicks. It’s very Bhai-territory, Tiger can do way beyond that. Just give us more scenes like his one shot intro action sequence in Warwhich challenges him as an artist.

So it doesn’t help him and us that the action sequences in Heropanti 2 are shot so lazily and poorly edited. The film is shot in exotic locations, there are many foreign artists, and the songs use beautiful sets. But it totally kicked my ass when you can notice both the stunt double and the green screens in a single bike sequence. As the action scenes get bigger and bigger, the stunts get more and more ridiculous, like when Babloo jumps over a bridge while on top of a moving train in the pre-interval fight scene. Or an SUV crashing into that same train and going through the compartment seconds earlier.

Look, I don’t mind the action scenes being illogical, but at least make it look good on screen. As in RRR. Bad luck here. The scenes are set up and placed in such a way without any respect for continuity that they make people grimace. Even when Heropanti 2 has some good action stuff, like Babloo taking on the monks in a Shaolin temple, he moves on from there to other less interesting fights, ruining the impact. The icing on the cake is the climactic fight, which felt like a cross between Kick‘s finale, the climax of the first Harry Potter movie, and the hallucination scene in Spider-Man: Far From Homeand trolls all equivocally.

I think you might be wondering why I don’t talk much about the plot or the script. The reason is easily worth it. I don’t want to discuss things that even the creators aren’t serious about. The main theme is financial scam through hacking, and if you are really interested in the idea, I suggest you watch this Tamil movie titled Irumbu Thirai.

Like Heropanti 2 finished after 142 agonizing minutes, I wondered how they managed to convince AR Rahman, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Amrita Singh to be part of this film. In return, AR Rahman gave Heropanti 2 its least inspired soundtrack ever (also why a song titled “Dafa Kar” keep sounding like “The F**ker”?). Nawazuddin Siddiqui amps up his character’s maniacal arrogance to the max and makes it look like he’s having the best time of his life. I want to believe him, because I really wasn’t spending the time of my life watching him do that. I had appreciated his negative turns in films like Kick and even Munna Michael where he was quite the scene stealer. but here, Nawaz just couldn’t fight the banality of how her character is written.

As for Amrita Singh, she was chosen for the film’s most useless character, and that’s saying something when the film also has Inaaya.


– Some scenes are so bad they are good… Can I add that as a point here?


– That they try to make a franchise of “Sabki Aati Nahi Meri Jaati Nahi”

Final Thoughts

A few months ago there was this rumor that Heropanti 2 was a remake of the enjoyable Telugu spy thriller, Goodachari. When I should be glad that’s not the case (originality zindabad!), in this rare case, I wished Heropanti 2 was the remake. At least it would have had some semblance of a plot. Now it’s just a collection of lazy action scenes, bad actors, unattractive songs and Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddi doing their best with the shoddy material in hand – one jumping, and the other, hammering!

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