‘Honeymoon With My Mom’: Everything We Know About The Adventure Comedy Movie


Netflix released the new trailer with an awkward name like “Honeymoon With My Mom”. Jose Luis was also dumped at the end but all the pieces have such a shiny facet and he’s also going on his honeymoon with his mom! It’s great, during this trip, he discovers that he does not know about his mother and that he loves her.

Honeymoon with my mother: plot

The trailer for the movie opened with a wedding ceremony where a red quad drove in at such speed and a man got out of the car and said to the bride because she can’t get married because he loves her and they kissed in this wedding ceremony. Everything gets better, but the twist comes when the man’s mother shows her dislike for her. He was asked “why did he prepay?” But it’s all too normal for weddings to always be prepaid.

Honeymoon With My Mom” Releases Official Trailer |  JVM6

Now the chaos created on the base of the moon means honeymoon because he can’t go on his honeymoon alone. The mother assumes that he will die on the honeymoon and she doesn’t want that. A man gives her the idea to go on honeymoon with his son at first, the mother is also shocked and angry at the proposal.

The man suggests to her that this is the trip of her dream. By the time the plan has come to fruition, they come to spend their honeymoon together in blue outfits with a garland on their necks. After coming on a trip, they receive such a bundle of eternal love, and the mother chatted about it in a strange way. The son is seen in a bridal suite, the bed is filled with rose petals like a perfect honeymoon.

Honeymoon With My Mom” Releases Official Trailer |  JVM6

In this place they also appreciated a lot because they organize many free activities for the newlyweds. The son appears to be trapped as his mother reveals herself to be husband and wife. She uses sunscreen on her son’s face as they sunbathe on the beach. The mother is very fond of drinking, smoking, partying a lot. The son gets angry when his mother gets into his business. They are enjoying a bonfire on the island. It looks like it will be an interesting comedy movie.

Honeymoon With My Mom” Releases Official Trailer |  JVM6

Honeymoon With My Mom: Cast

This film stars Quim Gutierrez, Carren Miachi, Celia Frejeiro, Andres Velencoso, Edeen Bhugeloo, Jake Francois, Yolanda Ramos, Jorge Suqet, Juanjo Cuacalon Justina Bustos, Joaquin Ortega, Pere Costa and Dominique Guillo.

honeymoon-with-my-mom-releases-official-trailer-4 |  JVM6

Honeymoon with my mom: release date

This Netflix movie will be released on the 29thand April.

Here is the trailer:

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