Inio Asano’s Downfall Manga Gets a Live-Action Movie March 17, 2023 – Up News Info

Inio Asanoit is Fall (Reiraku) manga is inspiring a live-action film adaptation that will be released in Japan on March 17, 2023.

Takumi Saito will play main character Kaoru Fukusawa, a manga creator. shuri will play Chifuyu, a prostitute that Kaoru meets. MEGUMI will play Nozomi Machida, manga editor and wife of Kaoru.

Naoto Takenaka (live action Zokki) directs the film. Yutaka Kuramochi is writing the screenplay. Movie Django produces the movie. Nikkatsu and Happinet Phantom Studio distribute. Miracle Voice deals with advertising.

Asano drew an illustration of Chifuyu to commemorate the announcement of the film:

VizMedia licensed the manga, and he describes the story:

In this realistic view of the manga industry, selling copies is the only thing that matters. So what if your first series just ended and you don’t know how to start the next one, your marriage is falling apart, your pure love of manga has been destroyed by the cruel reality of the industry and nothing only seems to fill the aspiring void inside you… Find the secret combo for a new hit manga series and you’ll be fine. Right?

Asano launched the manga in Great comic superior in March 2017 and completed it in July 2017. The single compiled book volume of the manga shipped in November 2017.

Asano launched the Dead Dead Demon’s DedededDestruction manga in Shogakukanit is Weekly Comedy Great Minds magazine in April 2014 and ended the series on February 28. The manga’s 12th and final compiled book volume shipped on March 30. The manga inspires an upcoming anime adaptation. VizMedia releases the manga in English, and it released the 11th volume of the manga on August 16.

Asano will launch a new manga in Shogakukanit is Great comic superior magazine in March 2023.

VizMedia published Asano’s previous series solanine, What a wonderful World!and good night pupun. Fantasy Books published Asano’s horror manga Nijigahara Holograph in 2014, and Vertical Comics published Asano’s A girl on the shore manga in 2016. Both solanine and A girl on the shore inspired action movies.

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