Jungle Cry: Abhay Deol’s recent Sports-Drama film reveals 2007 rugby tournament

Lionsgate Plays unveils the new trailer for Abhay Deol’s upcoming film ‘Jungle Cry’. The film revolves around the real life story of many of these underprivileged tribal boys. It is primarily a sports drama.

In this movie, we will see the tribal boys trying so hard in the international junior rugby tournament under Coach Rudrapraksh Jena played by Abhay Deol, Paul Walsh and Professor Achyuta Samantha who established the Kalinga Institute of Bhubaneshwar Social Sciences (KISS).

Jungle Cry: Plot

The new trailer begins with Abhay’s Rudraksh motivating 12 underprivileged tribal boys to come to school from where they will receive free accommodation and food. The moment Rudraksh wants the boys to make a football team with new coach Paul starts teaching them rugby and also takes them to an international tournament.

The sports drama packs an interesting plot and a fascinating looking talented cast. The story follows the real-life event of Rugby in the Tournament held in 2007. In this film, the student’s journey continued to conquer the prestigious Rugby World Cup U14 in England.

Jungle Cry Trailer Out, Abhay Deol Sports Drama Release Date Set For June 3rd On Lionsgate Play |  Entertainment News

After the filming of the actor, Abhay Deol said, “He is constantly in contact with the children that the world cups and the coaches never leave. Who asks what he just said? “In the land of cricket, where there is hardly any noise about cricket, there can be so little noise about rugby, after these 12 young country kids have just done the magic.

In this film, just defined nothing as impossible. I honored the players’ dedication and commitment to the MP and the country. We are thrilled to bring ‘Jungle Cry’ to the public, Amandine sharing with them the journey of all the heroes who have marked the history of sport in India, but which they have never spoken about”,

Jungle Cry: Cast

The film was directed by Dagar Ballary, and the film features Wales referee Nigel Owens, and British Lions fly-half Phil Bennet, and Colin Charvis who was the former Wales captain.

Jungle Cry Trailer: Abhay Deol Leads Odisha Rural Boys Team For Rugby Tournament |  Entertainment News, The Indian Express

Jungle Cry: release date

The movie Jungle Cry will be released on the 3rd June 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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