Lily James, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Himesh Patel to star in comedy film Providence – Cinema Express

Actors Lily James, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Himesh Patel will star in an upcoming comedy film titled Providence.

Written by Michael Vukadinovich, the film is set to be directed by Potsy Ponciroli. The story follows the eclectic residents of a quaint little island town who must navigate a sensational murder and the discovery of a million dollars as a series of increasingly bad decisions upend the once peaceful community.

Dylan Sellers and Chris Parker’s Limelight and David Boies and Zack Schiller’s Boies Schiller Entertainment will produce the film with Shannon Houchins’ Hideout Pictures. Vukadinovich, Tyler Zacharia, Sam Slater, Phil Keefe and Dane Eckerle will serve as executive producers while CJ Barbato will co-produce.

Principal photography for the film will begin this week in North Carolina, United States.

James was recently seen as Pamela Anderson in the limited series Pam and Tommyand in Netflix Excavation.

Gordon-Levitt recently played Uber founder Travis Kalanick in the anthology series super pumped. The actor has Poker face upcoming series and will voice Jiminy Cricket in Disney’s live-action adaptation of Pinocchio.

Patel is best known for his role in Yesterdayand his recent credits include Principle and Don’t look up.

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