Me Time, a Netflix comedy movie starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, has released its first trailer – The UBJ

An official trailer for Me Time, the upcoming action-comedy starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg, has been made available on Netflix. On August 26, the film will be released online.
A break from time to time can be a good thing because parenthood can be difficult. Kevin Hart plays a stay-at-home dad who needs alone time in upcoming Netflix comedy Me Time. The trailer was made available on Netflix ahead of the August launch. “Your best friend brings out your best self,” the saying teases.

Sonny (Hart) opens the clip by describing the system he and his wife Maya (Regina Hall) have in place to care for their children. Maya offers to take the kids away from her after Sonny accepts Huck’s (Mark Wahlberg) invitation to hang out. When they’re gone, Sonny makes the most of his time by engaging in quiet, risk-free activities. Shortly after, he goes to see Huck, and what follows is far from restful.

As the trailer progresses, viewers can see the contrast that now exists between the two friends as Huck shows Sonny what he considers fun. They travel to a temporary Burning Man, encounter fiercely guarded feral cats, jump off cliffs, and more. That Sonny’s antics with Huck had a noticeable and beneficial impact on him is also evident to viewers, despite some justified reservations, as one of Sonny’s more low-key pals points out.

Hart’s character Sonny, a stay-at-home dad who is spending time away from his family for the first time in years, is the main character in Me Time. Sonny reconnects with his former best friend Huck when his wife and kids are away for spring break. Sonny and Huck engage in a number of exciting (and even perilous) excursions that could potentially ruin Sonny’s life while they’re together.

Me Time seems like a hilarious movie full of wild moments based on the trailer. It involves a lighthearted film that wants its audience to have fun while watching Sonny and Huck’s adventures from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Additionally, the film features a stellar cast of actors who are genre experts and give their best comedic performances.
Besides Hart, Wahlberg and Hall, other stars include Jimmy O. Yang and Luis Gerardo Méndez. Hart serves as a producer alongside Bryan Smiley and John Hamburg, who also wrote and directed the film. Executive producers include Mark Moran, Joe Gatta, Lauren Hennessey and Patricia Braga.

Me Time will be available on Netflix on August 26. Watch the trailer below:

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