My Boyfriend is Orange Live-Action Movie Releases Full Trailer With Snow Man Theme Song

The official site of the upcoming live-action film adaptation from Non Tamashima’s romantic shoujo manga Moekare wa Orange-iro / My boyfriend is orange released a full 60-second trailer with its theme song “Orange Kiss” sung by male idol group Johnny & Associates snowman. Hikaru Iwamotoa 28-year-old member of Snow Man, plays Ebihara, a super shy and serious firefighter, in his first solo movie.

Besides, Hidaka Ukishoa 20-year-old member of Bishounen (a six-member unit of Johnny’s Jr.) is cast as Genki Kojima, Ebihara’s junior played by Iwamoto. Ukisho said, “It’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work with Iwamoto-kun, and he always keeps in touch with me, and he’s a great leader on set, and he’s so kind and wonderful! I’m sure you can feel our good relationship and fun atmosphere on screen.”

The story centers on Moe Sasaki (Meru Nukumi), a high school student who moves in with her family after her father’s death. Unable to get along with her classmates, Moe was a “loner” until she was rescued by Kyosuke Ebihara (Iwamoto), a firefighter, during her high school fire drill. Although he is blunt, Kyosuke is kind and mature, and he gradually gives her courage, and she becomes more and more attracted to him as she tries to break free from being a loner.

the Shosuke Murakami (One week friends, Cinderella PromiseThe film directed by ) is set to be released in Japan on July 8, 2022.

Main poster visual:

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Sources: Official site of the action movie “My boyfriend is orange” / Twitter, Official Shochiku YouTube Channel

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