Nazar Andaaz: Everything we know about the comedy-drama movie

The trailer for the most anticipated comedy movie, ‘Nazar Andaaz’ has been dropped. The film is mainly directed by Vikrant Deshmukh. The trailer is admittedly long but very sweet. The short story begins with a blind man asking for Kumud Mishra’s character, Sudhir. The main attraction and plot makes things more interesting as Sudhir is blind himself, willing to help another blind man cross the road fearlessly while unknowingly passing through such heavy traffic.

The story follows Sudhir’s life spending time alone with his lazy housekeeper and trickster Bhavani. In the trailer, Sudhir can also be seen taking to the streets as the third named Ali for helping around the house. In this, Bhavani and Ali seem to disagree.

They seemed to envy each other and felt like their eyes were fixed on Sudhir’s wealth. The things in the middle of the long trailer that we can relate to can be Sudhir with their plans for the two on the journey to discover the world. The film revolves around the emotional journey of the three characters. The new trailer is quite flawed and difficult to edit.

In a statement, the filmmaker said: “The film has some very talented actors who excel in their work and I’m very excited about it and I’m sure ‘Nazarandaaz’ will appeal to audiences. I would love it too. The new soundtrack -announcement of Nazarandaaz provides insight into the lives of the tale’s main characters.

Nazar Andaaz: Cast

The film features Kumud Mishra, Abhishek Banerjee, and Divya Dutta in the lead roles. The film’s director is Vikrant Deshmukh and the producers are T-Series and Laxman Utekar’s Puppet Creations.

Nazar Andaaz: release date

The next comedy-drama movie will be released on the 7the October 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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