Netflix Announces Production Of Korean Crime Action Movie “Believer 2”

WASHINGTON: Online streaming platform Netflix has given a nod to the production of ‘Believer 2’, a sequel to the hit crime action movie ‘Believer’.

“Believer 2” will be directed by Baek Jong-yeol, director of the famous fantasy romance film titled “The Beauty Inside”. Baek is expected to insert some of his own directing elements into the film, producing a “different aesthetic” compared to the original 2018 film “Believer,” Variety reported.

According to Netflix, “Believer 2” will see the return of lead actors Cha Seung-won and Cho Jin-woong who featured in the original film. The film’s female cast includes Han Hyo-joo, Oh Seung-hoon, Kim Dong-young, and Lee Joo-young.

Official Korean media reports indicate that the production process is expected to begin shortly in Korea and overseas, Variety reported. A spin-off series is also in the works, Korean media reported.

“Believer,” directed and written by Lee Hae Young, follows the story of a determined cop who teams up with a gang member to take down a drug mafia known for running the biggest drug cartel. from Asia. The sequel to ‘Believer 2’ follows the story of the cop, once again teaming up with the gang members, however, the gang is not what it seems. An epic battle is to be seen at Yongsan Station in Seoul.

Variety reports that ‘Believer’ has grossed a total of $33.6 million during its run in theaters. There were also over 5.06 million viewers for the action film. However, the sequel, “Believer 2”, will play online.

South Korean actor Cha has been in the limelight for quite some time following his success in 2021’s comedy-drama “Sinkhole” and his ongoing Korean drama series Our Blues. Cha has worked in many Korean movies like “Night In Paradise”, “Cheer Up Mr Lee” and “Man on High Heels” to name a few.

Meanwhile, ‘Believer 2’ director Baek Jong-yeol helmed some of the notable Korean projects like ‘3-Iron’, ‘Inside Men’ and ‘Ode to My Father’, for which he was hailed as good.

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