Netflix’s JJ+E review: What’s the Swedish teen romance film about?

A Swedish film released on Netflix depicts the life story of teenagers. Two teenagers named John John and Elizabeth are the main characters in this movie. A story that spotlights these villainous characters crossing two different worlds in the same town, living different lifestyles, from different worlds, but one small incident binds them together and turns their lives upside down. This movie can feature an unpredictable ending that can leave its viewers wondering if it was a sweet or a sad ending.

Film critic

Although this film presented the love story of two individuals in adolescence, as for young people, it may seem like the story of a teenage rebellion. But, sadly, this film somehow celebrated rebellious teenage behavior and highlighted violence, sexual content, profanity, and drug addiction at its best.

So, it even led to a drop in grades for some parts, which were given a grade of C-, C-, D, and E. Even the overall grade dropped to C- due to using such behavior cruel. Even if the acting of the characters is not exceptional, the sound is beautiful, but the conclusion can seem ridiculous. Therefore, this movie may not seem worth your time.

Sure, it might just be the character’s performance that can draw you to this film, but depicting a love story in such a cruel way can negatively influence today’s teenagers. Although it is an individual’s decision what they think is right and what is wrong.

movie release date

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This movie was released on Friday, September 8, 2021 on Netflix, so has a big platform to showcase. The film has a duration of one hour 30 minutes and the production was carried out by the expected company Film Lance International AB.

The plot of the story

This film takes place in Stockholm in 2021 and tells the love story of two people, Elisabeth and John. These two characters are complete opposites to each other who have lived their lives in two different worlds with different lifestyles.

The cast of the film

JJE Vinterviken 2021
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Actors like Mustapha Aarab, Elsa Ohrn, Loreen, Magnus Krepper, Albin Granholm, Simon Mezher and Otto Hargne are considered the main characters. Mustapha Araab, who played the character of John and Elsa Ohrn, who played the character of Elizabeth in the Swedish film, had brought their characters to life. Even the director of this movie, Alexis Almstrom, did a brilliant job bringing out such a story of teenage life.

Elizabeth is seen as a blonde Swedish beauty, while John is seen as a person of color who lives with his single mother. These two meet as the little sister of John and Elizabeth. So their lives connect, eventually coming together again for a competitive drama schedule and bonding them forever.

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