Netflix’s New Korean Action Movie Has People Glued To Their TVs

If you want to get an idea of ​​Netflix’s growth trajectory, an easy way to do that is to just look at where it’s spending money. A new movie who just debuted on the streamer – Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure — is just the latest evidence of Netflix’s growing investment in Korean-language content. Something the streaming giant reportedly spent half a billion dollars on in 2021, resulting in some of the most memorable content Netflix has given us all year.

We’re talking about shows like Vincenzo, My nameand Hell. Not to mention a little drama you may have heard of called squid game. And as we wrap up the first quarter of 2022, there’s no indication that Netflix plans to slow down spending in this area any time soon.

Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

This latest feature-length addition to tell you about it that’s just been added to Netflix’s Korean-language library is a 2-hour swashbuckler, of a sort that seems a bit unusual for the streamer. Most of the Korean historical dramas I’ve seen, at least, on Netflix take place on land. And tend to focus on dynasties, mythical creatures, etc. Or they are more modern adventures, perhaps involving guns and drugs. Or maybe even just romantic stories, like Netflix news Love and Leashes Korean movie.

As for Netflix’s summary of this new pirate-focused movie, here’s what the service gives us. “A daring crew of Joseon pirates and bandits battle stormy waters, confusing clues, and militant rivals in search of the lost gold at sea.”

So far, viewers are responding quite well to the film. By the way, this is something Netflix has relatively less compared to the tons of great K-dramas on the streamer to watch.

At rotten tomatoesfor example, The Pirates currently has a 71% Audience Score, based on several dozen reviews to date. “I hesitated with other pirate movies because most of them are failed epic versions of Pirates of the Caribbean“, noted a reviewer. “But this film has surpassed that. It’s better than I expected. It delivers the film quite well. Adventure, action, comedy and romance, all rolled into one.

The best Korean movies on Netflix

A scene from the Korean sci-fi movie “Space Sweepers”, available on Netflix. Image source: Netflix

And if you want to see more Korean movies after finishing The Pirates? Luckily, you don’t have to do any work sifting through the countless movies and shows available on the streamer to find Korean movies to watch. Fair click on this linkand it will take you directly to a Netflix page which only contains Korean movies.

Netflix is ​​getting outsized attention for fantastic K-dramas that it continues to roll out an ever-faster clip. With perhaps the best example, to date, still being Crash landing on you. This show, in my opinion, is better than 95% of American television.

Nevertheless, don’t overlook some of the great Korean movies that are also available to stream on Netflix. Below I will briefly talk about two of my favorites.

steel rain

It is a comic adventure involving a North Korean elite soldier and a South Korean spy agent. They must team up to stop war from breaking out across the peninsula, which includes stopping the northern generals from assassinating the leader and staging a coup.

The action scenes are top-notch and the comedy helps ease the tension. As a particularly memorable moment, when the South Korean official plays K-pop in his car for the North Korean soldier, who clearly wonders why anyone would like that “noise”.

Space sweepers

This one is a fun space adventure. And, in fact, it looks a bit like an attempt to do some kind of Korean star wars.

From Netflix’s summary: “Set in the year 2092, the Victory spacecraft is one of many that make a living from scrapping space junk. Accompanied by genius space pilot Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki), mysterious ex-space pirate Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), spacecraft engineer Tiger Park (Jin Sun -kyu) and a reprogrammed military robot Bubs (Yoo Hai-jin), Spaceship Victory surpasses all other space sweepers.

“After successfully snatching a crashed space shuttle during the last debris hunt, the crew of Victory find a 7-year-old girl inside. They realize that she is the humanoid robot wanted by the UTS space guards and decide to demand a ransom in exchange.

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