New UK trailer for romance flick ‘Midnight Sun’ starring Bella Thorne

New UK trailer for romance flick ‘Midnight Sun’ starring Bella Thorne

by Alex Billington
February 26, 2018
Source: Youtube

“It’s not something you can’t tell me.” Studiocanal UK has released another official UK trailer for the nerdy romance film Midnight Sunwhich is actually a remake of a Japanese movie of the same name released in 2006 (Taiyo no uta). The story follows a young woman with a rare skin disease who, if exposed to sunlight, could potentially die, so she stays indoors and only goes out at night. Hollywood took that and turned it into a super sappy romance that kinda reminds me of Absolutely everythingbut it also feels like a sweet story of young love. Bella Thorne stars with Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rob Riggle, Quinn Shepard, Ken Tremblett, Jenn Griffinand Nicolas Combe. Look below.

Here is the new UK trailer (+ new US poster) for Scott Speer’s Midnight Sundirectly from Youtube:

Midnight Sun Poster

You can still watch the original US trailer for Midnight Sun here, to see even more images of this.

Based on the Japanese film, Midnight Sun centers on Katie, a 17-year-old protected from childhood and confined to her home during the day by a rare disease that makes even the slightest sunlight fatal. Fate intervenes when she meets Charlie and they embark on a summer romance. Midnight Sun is directed by American filmmaker Scott Speermusic video and dance director only for film Accelerate the revolution previously. The screenplay is written by Eric Kirsten; based on the script of the Japanese film Taiyo no uta (first released in 2006) by Kenji Bando. Open Road Films will release Speer’s Midnight Sun in theaters everywhere from March 23 coming next month. Curious? Anyone want to see it?

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