Nice review of Billo: a comedy-drama film with a British setting, directed by Santosh Subhash Thite and Amrit Raj Chadha

Punjabi movie Beautiful billo is out today on ott Platform Zee5. This movie is directed by Santosh Kumar Thite and Amrit Raj Chadha. The main characters are played by Neeru Bajwa, Roshan Prince and Rubina bajwa. Amazingly, this is the first film where the Bajwa sisters shared the same screen for the first time. And they played opposite characters in this film.

Beautiful Billo is the story of a pregnant Billo who is alone and illegal in a foreign county like the UK and yet came into a happy and supportive life of Navi (Roshan) and Sonika (Rubina). This newly married couple just moved into their new house, but somehow the situation caused Billo to run into them and Billo is dealing with his survival in one house with navi and sonika. However, Billo who manages his residence caused problems for others. But how illegal billo got out of this vicious cycle is a very interesting story.

Direction: This movie is directed by Santosh shubhash thite and Amrit raj chadha. Santosh shubhash thite has already directed Munda hi Chahida and Koka. On the other hand, amrit raj chadha has made films like Saab bahadur, vaardat and Prahuna. This filmmaking is a combination of the creativity of two directors. And as a team, they did a good job in one direction.

Story: Story of Beautiful Billo is the story of a pregnant woman who illegally manages her survival without getting caught by the police. As it is a story based on reality. And so many people face the same challenges in foreign lands as portrayed in this film. This story tells the truth but in a comical way. The story is beautifully written and comically presented, but also teaches a few lessons.

Background music and songs: This film is based on the Comedy genre and following the same BGM sound is quite compatible with the scenes and the execution of the story. But since this movie was shot in 2019 and we can see the creativity and the BGM
4 year difference in history too. But the songs of the beautiful billo are rather good. The title track “Beautiful Billo” is sung by Prince Roshan and follows songs like “lathey di chadar” sung by kirrat sharma and “Dil happy happy” sung by Tarannum Malik.

Acting and dialogues: This starcast movie includes Neeru Bajwa, Prince Roshan, Rubina bajwa and on the other hand Raghveer Boli, Honey Mattu, Buninder Bunny, Sukhwinder Chahal, Rupinder rupi were supporting actors. According to the character, everyone did a great job, but it’s 2022 and this movie was shot in 2019, so we can clearly see the difference in performance compared to today.

Visuals: This film is based on the United Kingdom. So, the visuals of the film related to its storyline are quite good. As the uniqueness of the locations added more variety to the story and it is a comic genre story, so it is possible to use visuals depending on the direction.

In conclusion This film is full of comedy and characters like raghveer boli, baninder bunny and honey mattu never leave a screen without leaving smiles on everyone’s face. It is therefore an essential film that you can enjoy with your family.

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