“Passing”: Everything We Know About Tessa Thompson’s Drama

Netflix has released the first trailer for Marvel star Tessa Thompson Netflix film. This is the last drama of the coming period. The story of the film was adapted from the novel by Nella Larson’s novel of that exact name, this film followed Irene Redfield and Clare Kendry.

The two black women in transition to white were once good childhood friends, but somehow they were estranged from each other as they were determined to make a living from it. ‘across the color line in 1920 in New York.

Finally, a chance was met to reunite them, them a suspicious and real intrigued Irene was invited Clare to her home, the place where the latter becomes close to the family of Irene’s husband. After that, Irene begins to realize that Clare has also made a strong impression on her own social circle, and their lives become more and more twisted, and her sense of self-threat is unraveled.

This film is fundamentally the fascinating examination of such obsession, such repression, and also the lies people told themselves and others to save their carefully constructed realities. The notion of their film is not only for racial identification but also gender and responsibilities of motherhood, sexuality and also based on such performance of femininity.

Passing trailer: catch a glimpse of Rebecca Hall's directorial debut - Paste

To throw

This movie stars Gbenga Akinnagbe, Antoinette Crowe-Legacy, Alexander Skarsgard. This film is also the debut film of star Rebecca Hall, who also wrote the screenplay. In this Nia Yang Bongiovi, Margot hand and Forest Whitaker are the producers.

Passing Trailer: Watch Tessa Thompson, Ruth Negga & Rebecca Hall Movie |  Vanity Show

Release date

This film will be released worldwide on the 10the November 2021. Before that, it will be released on 29e October in UK.

Here is the trailer:

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