Passionflix trailer reveals Anna Maiche in new paranormal love movie

Passionflix has released the trailer for Bad, the adaptation of Jennifer L. ArmentroutThe best-selling novel of the same name. The film presents Anna maiche (Little pretty things) as Ivy, a college student who gets involved in a secret war against mystical creatures.

The trailer teases Ivy’s fight against the Fae, a race of creatures who can end humanity, if they open a portal to another dimension and let evil take over the world. To stop these creatures, Ivy joins The Order, a group of hunters dedicated to stopping the fae. However, during one of her night hunts, Ivy meets Ren (Liam room), a handsome man with a dark secret, who jeopardizes the mission of the young hunter when she gets more and more involved.


Image via Passionflix

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Like other works of Armentrout, like Dark elements series, Bad mixes magic and romance for young adults, a very successful combination that Passionflix intends to explore. Bad is the first book in a trilogy released by Armentrout, and if the film were to become a success, Passionflix would have a lot of content to expand for potential sequels.

Bad Premiered on Passionflix on May 27. The romance-focused streaming channel is available through its own app for mobile and smart TVs, but also through Roku, Comcast, and Amazon Prime in the US. Badthe trailer from below:

Here is the official synopsis of Bad:

Based on the novel by Jennifer Armentrout, Wicked tells the story of Ivy, a college student, who knows that humans aren’t the only ones trolling the French Quarter. After losing everything, she vowed to hunt the creatures that tore her world and her heart apart. Ren is the last person Ivy expects to step into her tightly controlled life. Letting him in is as dangerous as chasing the cold-blooded killers who stalk the streets. Losing the boy she once loved has almost destroyed her, but the sparkling tension that grows between them becomes impossible to deny for Ivy. As Ivy gets closer to Ren, she realizes that she’s not the only one holding secrets that could break the fragile bond between them.

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