“Raavan Leela”: All the details on the modern mythological drama film

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The first trailer for the modern mythological film Raavan Leela has been released. This trailer represents an incredible mix of current Indian society with a famous Hindu mythological saga. In this movie we will see Pratik Gandhi from Scam 1992 also with actor Aindrita ray in the lead role. In this two minute trailer, we will have some kind of emotions of drama, love, joy, action, drama, and conflict.

This trailer mainly revolves around the story of a village called Khakhar, where a dram company will come to organize and present the very first show for ram Leela there. Pratik will play the role of male protagonist Raja Ram Joshi who is very excited to participate and play the role of Aries, but he ended up playing the role of Raavan.

Raavan Leela Trailer: Pratik Gandhi and Aindrita Ray's Love Story Against Ram-Leela's Backdrop is Powerful and Relevant (Watch Video)

The man falls in love with the girl who plays the part of Seta played by Aindrita Ray, and the trailer also contains significant moments of their fantastic romance and the fun and antics at the time of Ram-Leela’s theatrical practices. . .

The main twist comes in the second half of the trailer because it gives such a glimpse into the conflict, it will show the obstacles that come from societal norms when it comes to dating. Raja and Seeta’s story will come as the stop to think people and also differentiate the space between real and real life for their blind faith and also mental blocks, their thoughts have been affected by such false religious beliefs and also actions against the people.

Raavan Leela trailer exit.  Pratik Gandhi set to win hearts with Bollywood debut E! News UK

The story of the film was directed by Hardik Gajjar, it was presented by Dr Jayantilal Gada and the producer is Dhaval Gada, Akshay Gada, Parth Gajjar and Richa Amod Sachan under the production of Pen Studios, Hardik Gajjar Films and Backbencher Des Pictures.

It looks like the movie tried to give the answer if Raavan and Seeta can be a match in real life right now. Pratik Gandhi asked his co-actor Ankur Vikal why Ram wouldn’t be the villain because he insulted and cut off his mythological sister Shurpanakha’s nose.

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This movie stars Ankur Bhatia, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajesh Sharma, Ankur Vikal, Rajendra Gupta, Gopal Singh, Flora Saini, Anil Rastogi, Krishna Bisht and Bhagyashree Mote.

Pratik Gandhi's Raavan Leela Trailer Sees Raavan in a New Light |  Filmfare.com

Release date

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It has been set that the film will premiere on 1st October 2021.

Here is the trailer:

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