Racism comedy film ‘On The Other Foot’ shown across UK

A FORMER star security guard turned to the world of cinema with a comedy about racism that screened in 81 theaters this month.

Jason Devil, who has lived in Brighton for five years, has worked around the world since the 1990s as a personal security guard for film and music stars including Will Smith and Rihanna.

Over the past decade, he’s founded a company that provides film set security, with one of their most recent jobs helping with the filming of ITV’s Grace in Sussex.

But the 51-year-old turned to a new adventure, this time as associate producer and actor in an independent comedy about a racist taxi driver written and directed by his cousin, Fredi Nwaka.

“On the other foot” is a comedy set in London about racist taxi driver, Billy Pitcher. His daughter dates a black man who is a doctor and convinces him to attend an African church to embrace his partner’s culture.

The twist? He miraculously wakes up the next morning in the body of a black person and literally finds himself on the other foot with the same skin color as the people he hates.

“With other movies about racism, people often leave angry or upset,” Jason said, “this movie shows it in another way and has a strong message but in a lighthearted way.”

“It’s not a black-only movie, it’s a movie with a message. People leaving the film might not realize that they have been racist. They might see a black man in a nice car and think “is that a drug dealer?” or have those kinds of thoughts.

“It will show them that the person driving the nice car might just be a businessman, so don’t judge a book by its cover. “On The Other Foot” is about showing what we’ve been through in the past when we got pulled over by the police for just driving a nice car or people staring at you in a certain way.

“When we did the premiere, some people cried at the end. I won’t tell you the ending but people cried, there was laughter throughout.”

Jason, left, with director Fredi Nwaka at the film’s December premiere

The film is written and directed by Fredi Nwaka, who has been working as an actor since 2009 and started directing from 2014.

It stars Tim Faraday, Aurie Styla, Lily Smith, Chidi Ajufo, and even Peter Andre. Jason also plays a role in the film as a racist cop called Detective Black.

He said: “Fredi came to me and told me what he was doing, I said I was interested and would help invest some money. I saw the potential in this. film and decided to invest some money in it.

The Argus: Tim Farraday, left, plays Billy Pitcher - while Aurie Styla, right, plays Billy after he goes blackTim Farraday, left, plays Billy Pitcher – while Aurie Styla, right, plays Billy after he goes black

“I believe where Fredi comes from, his achievements in life. Nothing stopped him. He did it on his own and I respect him so much.

“We wanted the film to be for everyone, so we didn’t have to swear. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or whatever, everyone can go watch it and get something out of it. »

The film is screened for one night only at 81 Odeon cinemas across the country, including Odeon in West Street, Brighton at 7.40pm on March 23. For more information on purchasing tickets, visit the Odeon website.

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