Radiation House Manga Gets a Live-Action Movie E! News UK

The film opens on April 29

Tomohiro Yokomaku and Taishi Moriit is radiation house manga is getting a live-action movie to be released in Japan on April 29.

Masayuki Suzuki, director of the live-action series adaptation, is directing the film. Live-action series writer Haruka Ōkita is writing the script for the film. TOHO distribute the film.

The film will feature a returning cast from the live-action series, including Masataka Kubota as X-ray technician Iori Igarashi, Honda Tsubasa like An Amakasu, and Alice Hirose like Hirono Hirose.

The story centers about healthcare professionals in a hospital’s radiology department. For example, medical radiographers use x-rays and CT scans to probe the causes of diseases and discover pathological changes, while radiologists read the results and offer diagnoses.

The first season of the live-action series adaptation premiered in April 2019. The second season of the live-action series premiered on Fuji TV in October. Suzuki, Shigeyuki Aizawa, and Yūsuke Mito are directing the second season, with scripts by Ōkita.

Yokomaku and Mori launched the manga in big jump in October 2015. Shueisha published the 11th volume of the manga’s compiled book on September 17 and will publish the 12th volume on December 17.

Mori’s manga 2009-2013 Kyō no Asuka performance inspired one original web anime adaptation. Mori started Kuchibiru ni Uta o (A Song to Your Lips), a manga adaptation of Eichi Nakatait’s original novelin Shogakuganit is Monthly Shonen Sunday (Gesan) magazine in 2013 and ended the series in 2014. A film adaptation of the manga opened in Japan in February 2015.

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