Riot Games plans League of Legends Live-Action, cinematic content

League of Legends developer Riot Games is hinting at a deeper adventure in TV and film through live-action content after Arcane.

Video game developer Riot Games discussed the possibility of bringing League of Legends in live action.

“Riot will eventually branch out into live action, cinema and interactive content,” Riot Global President Shauna Spenley said. Deadline, celebrating the developer’s adventure in film and television with Esoteric, the highly anticipated anime adaptation of League of Legends. “Esoteric This may be Riot’s first major step into entertainment, but the game company is just testing the waters in TV and movie content for now.”

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Riot has teamed up with Netflix to release Esoteric, with the developer’s creative director Chrisitan Linke explaining how the series was a tribute to the thewave of legends franchise and everything related to the world of animation. For Linke, adapting aspects of the video game such as its world, lore and characters into film and TV gives Riot a chance to express itself League in a way the company has never done before. “[Arcane] allows us to explore things and sides of our characters that we’ve never had access to,” he said. “There are these questions of where do they sleep? What are they eating? It’s all those little things that I think make a human, a human.”

Spenley noted that central to the adaptation League in film and television lies the need to honor the gaming community. “The whole strategy of Esoteric is specifically [to] celebrate, [to] give our players more love,” she explained, adding that Riot is looking to create “a more immersive Runeterra and a larger League of Legends.”

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In view of the success of Esotericof season 1 and a renewal of season 2 by Netflix, the horizon looks bright for a possible adaptation in live-action of League. Esoteric already features some of Hollywood’s biggest names, like Hailee Steinfeld, who plays Jinx’s sister Vi, one of the show’s main protagonists.

Although Spenley hasn’t given a specific date for when a live-action adaptation will take place, fans are optimistic that Esotericit is success will inspire Riot to set things in motion. The developer currently has no plans to introduce a full business unit that will deal with film and TV, but Spenley said Riot is driven by the “constant sense of reinvention” that is the foundation of the company.

Riot’s first season Esoteric is streaming on Netflix. The release date for Season 2 has yet to be announced.

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Source: Deadline

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