Ruben Soriquez’s black comedy film at the 25th Cine Europa

The Spiders’ Man (aka The Spiders’ Lapdance in the US) is a dark comedy crime thriller that tells the story of two half-brothers who will reunite after many years and go through a very difficult situation that will require great sacrifice from one of them. It’s partly autobiographical and based on real people.

‘The Spider’s Man’ is a part autobiographical black comedy crime thriller based on real people

It is successful in the United States (distributed by Leomark Studios) where it is among the most streamed films on FOX’s TubiTV platform.

“I co-wrote, produced and directed it, and am the co-lead with Richard Quan, who won several international acting awards for his portrayal of a mentally challenged character (my half-brother in the movie),” shares Filipino-Italian actor Ruben Suarez.

In the cast are Lee O’Brian, Jeffrey Tam, Rob Sy, Miko Mel Penaloza, China Roces, Red Ibasco, CJ Domasing, Hutch Perales and Soriquez’s wife Lanie Gumarang and son Kim.

“I enjoyed working with the cast, as I have said many times, the Filipino actors are incredibly talented. All of them did a great job and the proof is that we won the award for best cast in together at the Olympus Film Festival in Los Angeles,” he added.

Ruben Soriquez is the co-writer, director, producer and co-director of “The Spiders’ Man”

The Spiders’ Man is the Italian entry to the 25th Cine Europa and will have four theatrical screenings: September 24 at 8:30 p.m. (Manille FDCP Cinémathèque – with the cast), October 28 at 8:30 p.m. at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, October 6 at Iloilo and October 16 in Palawan. Online screenings will also take place.

“Currently, I am working on an Italian-Philippine co-production. I’m very excited about this since I’m going to play a very challenging role. Currently, I spend several months a year in the United States, as I am represented by a Hollywood agency and management and, fortunately, in the pipeline, I have a lead role in an American production,” concludes Suarez.

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