“Shokiwala will be the first comedy film of my career” – Cinema express

Thimme Gowda who is commonly referred to as Jocky by Kannada film industry people left his village of Magadi and came to Bangalore to become a director in 2009. He started his journey as a light boy and later became co-director with films like Victory, Ranna, Fortunate, Santhu straight forward and Prashanth Neel KGF Chapter 1.

He finally becomes an independent director with Shokiwala. The film starring Ajay Rao and Sanjana Anand is set to hit theaters this Friday. Ahead of the release, Ajay talks to CE about playing the lead role. “Shokiwala translates to a person who is a “show off,” and that’s the summary of my character. Although I did a rural film and played someone from the middle class, this is the first time I have been part of a full-fledged comedy. By now, audiences are used to the tragedy of my films, but Shokiwala will be very different from my previous films,” says Ajay.

He shares that every character in Showkiwala is equally important. “It’s not the kind of film that depends solely on the hero, every character that appears on screen is as vital as the protagonist.”

Ajay goes on to explain how he got into character. “It was interesting to play a carefree village boy. I tapped into some of my friends’ ways to play this role. I’ve known them from the moment I did it. sorry.” Ajay says COVID was a blessing in disguise for Shokiwala. “We had finished filming before the pandemic and have used the last few years to improve re-recording, editing and other post-production work. I think Shokiwala evolved into a better movie and it’s still fresh. When we saw it recently, it felt like it was shot yesterday. The film is supported by TR Chandrashekar’s Crystal Paark Cinemas and the music is composed by Sridhar Sambraham.

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