Takatak 2: Everything we know about the romantic comedy movie

The trailer for comedy movie ‘Takatak 2’ has been released. In this film, female characters from the film are used as sex objects. In this film, we will see Milind Zember Kade’s adult comedy film which comes with a surprise that is expected to hit this year after receiving backlash having the content.

Predictably, the movie sequel Takatak 2 continues with several notches higher and also gives such a sleazy and cheap affair with the name of adult entertainment.

The story of the film follows old age. The character of Prathamesh Parab with his two college friends becomes desperate to have such a problematic path of having a girlfriend with the only person. As the film liberated the female character as a sexual object. Beyond the outdated adult one-liner, the film also decided to resort to cheap toilet humor that confronts body shaming. It’s very interesting to see Parab playing the character of such a desperate young man. Acting skills and dialogue delivery are set to appear repeatedly. Having the Purple Bull Entertainment, the new sequel that was just generated by Reliance Entertainment.

The trailer is very colorful and starts by forgetting the mistakes of the past and focusing on the present. The trailer reveals in the seas you can get a boat, or your journey ends in the bank, and soon it reveals a beautiful lady. Prathamesh’s friends say things are easy, just go straight to the girl.

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The funny dialogue is literally very appealing. The movie is mostly a commercial romance and entertainment merry-go-round, there is a couple having sex on the rooftop. The teenagers also enjoyed the fun ride. The young men begin to broadcast his love in a car. A friend of his says a real word that the honeymoon in reverie still remains as a dream.

The three friends make a plan to do something. The story takes the saddest turn in mother’s feeling as a son starts shaming his mother’s work and says that his mother is dead, which really hurts him. However, the movie is a mix of fun romance and all-out fun.

Takatak 2: Release date

The funny romantic drama movie will be released on the 18the August 2022.

Here is the trailer:

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