The Interceptor Ending Explained – Dive Into Netflix’s Action Movie

Interceptor ending spoilers follow.

Netflix’s latest original action movie Interceptor sees a group of terrorists attempt to “wipe out” the United States with 16 nuclear missiles.

As always, one person stands in their way: Captain JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky). When the interception base to which she has just been transferred is threatened, she must retaliate to maintain control of the base until help arrives.

Thus begins an endless battle between Collins and the terrorists, led by former US intelligence officer Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey). You might know exactly how it ends, but we wouldn’t blame you for being a little confused as to why this is all happening.

We’re here to help as we dig deeper Interceptorends to explain what the terrorists want and whether Collins saves the day. Major spoilers coming soon if you haven’t seen the movie yet.


Explanation of the end of the interceptor

Shortly after Fort Greely (the only other US interceptor base) was overrun and 16 nuclear missiles were stolen from a Tavlinka base, Kessel launched his attack on the maritime interceptor base SBX- 1 and manages to kill just about everyone on board.

He must destroy SBX-1’s ability to launch interceptor missiles as this would stop any nuclear missile launched into the United States. Kessel wasn’t counting on Collins, who manages to kick him out of the command center and there seems to be no reason to change his mind – not even the $30 million offer.

Kessel thinks he can use the fact that Collins became an outcast in the military after reporting a three-star general who tried to force her to have sex. It doesn’t work, but unfortunately for Collins, Kessel has a man inside – Beaver Baker (Aaron Glenane) – who is in the control center with her.

Baker shoots Collins and Corporal Rahul Shah (Mayen Mehta) and lets Kessel and his team into the command center. They are both fine as they were wearing armor and for some reason Baker only shot them once in the chest.

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Kessel uses the Emergency Broadcast System to send a message to the entire country where, easily, he lays out his entire reasoning. He’s the son of a trust fund billionaire who’s the US ambassador to the UN, despite being “totally unqualified”, and Kessel just isn’t impressed with the current state of the United States.

“America is the greatest lie ever told,” he explains, claiming that the “national lie” that all men are created equal is a deadly “festering wound”. So naturally the only option is to destroy the United States with 16 nuclear missiles and to prove he’s serious he has a missile fired at Los Angeles.

There are 12 minutes left for the interceptor missile to be fired and, wouldn’t you know, Collins breaks free, locks down Kessel and Baker from the command center, kills the rest of his team and fires the interceptor missile to save the day.

Of course, there are still 15 missiles to be fired and so begins another battle of wills. Kessel threatens to kill Collins’ father, whom he had kidnapped from his retirement home in the United States, but his father tells Collins to “never stop fighting”. She doesn’t, and Kessel has him killed now that he’s no longer of any use.

luke bracey, elsa pataky, interceptor


Kessel activates SBX-1’s emergency sinking protocol, meaning the base will be useless to stop nuclear missiles anyway. After his previous exploits, Collins essentially only has one arm to use, so Shah volunteers to go close the floodgates below to delay the sinking long enough for the SEAL team to arrive in 25 minutes.

He does, but Baker follows him there and kills him after insisting he’s not a murderer, he’s “a fucking patriot”. Kessel peddles a similar line to Collins, saying he’s only doing this because he wants to make sure “what happened to you doesn’t happen to other women” because he’s, you know, a feminist and a nice guy.

Collins calls her bluff, however, as she works from an earlier code, he says on the phone that he paid a Russian submarine to take her. He gets paid for the job, so Kessel is really only in it for the money, despite what he told the nation earlier about wanting a better America.

She now knows his weakness is that he wants to survive this, so she sets a bold plan in motion. Collins lets them into the command center while she hides (in a Hazmat suit, naturally), which leads to Kessel firing the other 15 missiles and backing up to regain control in time to stop them.

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Collins, however, forgot about the acid the terrorists brought on board to destroy the equipment, which Kessel uses to stop him throwing them. Luckily, Baker was bragging about her powerful gaming laptop earlier, so she picks it up and uses it to set up the launcher.

She has a final stand with Baker which ends with her being beheaded with razor wire, and manages to just about get back to the laptop to launch the interceptor missiles with less than a second to go. They succeeded in destroying all nuclear missiles aimed at the United States.

Kessel is understandably a bit annoyed by this turn of events, but scoffs for bringing the United States “to the brink, and I will do it again.” The Russian sub arrives and Kessel assumes he is going to take her away, but it seems they weren’t keen on his plan either and the commander orders one of his men to shoot and kill Kessel .

The SEAL team finally arrives to get Collins to safety before SBX-1 completely sinks, and the final scene sees Collins recovering in the hospital. The President visits Collins and assigns him to his National Security staff, while it is also revealed that Collins’ father is in fact alive as his former Army buddies killed the hitmen of Kessel before they can kill him.

Happy Days.

Interceptor is available to watch now on Netflix.

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