The Lost City is a parody of a comedy adventure. Film review with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum

Sage Lorette (Sandra Bullock), a successful single writer, who has spent her career writing popular adventure and romance novels. The protagonist of his stories is the beautiful cover model right now (Channing Tatum), who embodies the hero in the pages of these books “hyphen”. While on tour promoting her new book with Alan, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe), convinced that you can drive it to Ancient Treasure of the Lost CityWell described in his story.

Driven by a desire to show everyone that he can be a hero even in real life, Alan embarks on a journey to save her. Taking part in an epic jungle adventure, an unlikely couple will have to coexist to survive, but more importantly find the ancient treasure before it’s lost forever.

the lost city An example of adventure comedy able to combine Laughs and crazy situations in a strange contexthas a lot of fun and above all an easy movement and a sense of rhythm between the intentionally 2D characters and the literary suggestions that go right into the cinematic incarnation, confirming the joyful passage of the baton.

In fact, the movie managed to keep all of its references together. A disrespectful and light joy Which is pretty rare for the blockbuster genre, where adventurous and grotesque elements tend to overplay each other and get stuck within each other’s superficial boundaries.

On this ride instead you can breathe A taste of the absurd that can drag – and explode – the primordial element of the war of the sexeslooking at the building and in the mind of Tamaru in Model’s aureo In pursuit of the green stone And Hitting the limits and the absurdities of both sides below the belt, both the seasoned writer on paper (and even able to read hieroglyphs) and the muscular model, exhibited with both sly self-irony and generous commitment to Bullock’s cause. From Tatum.

Skirmishes and curtains of surrounding characters the lost city They have the same skill set, from Daniel Radcliffe battling an unexpected villain trying to finally shed Harry Potter’s eternal mark, upping his demonic acting roles to be spotless and out of place, to brad pitt Which bestows on the face and the whole body An unmissable and fast-paced manly veil: Appearance of the filing of the law she tastes Increasingly intense choreography Based on Irony between seriousness and joking about the idea of ​​dynamite for manhood in action moviesthat the character of Alan is limited to contemplating and feeling to clumsily repeat (perhaps, like a short-lived gunshot, to be the most effective and at the same time active proof black for the house of days burn after reading by the Coen brothers).

The feeling of surprise that all these elements arouse fades a little in the distance, but this Parody One of the adventure films made by the brothers Aaron Born And Adam Born (Also screenwriter with Dana Fox And Oren Ozil) maintains his flair for enhancing individual situations to bring out all that is possible and all that is fun, starting with the comedic subplot involving the director of Loretta, Beth (Davin Jay Randolph), which deserved more space and development.

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