The next, now or never in the new romance film ‘Ngayon Kaya’

When college best friends Harold and AM (short for Amihan), given heart and soul by Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez, respectively, in Prime Cruz’s Ngayon Kaya, reached that point of being less than lovers but more than friends, the biggest question that needed to wonder what will happen next.

This romantic drama from T-Rex Entertainment with WASD Films as co-producer, written by Jen Chuaunsu, gives us the many events and storylines why the platonic relationship Harold and AM share takes a confusing development with the two feeling perplexed and confused. as to which heart strings to push and pull.

Janine Gutierrez (left) and Paulo Avelino bring the main characters of ‘Ngayon Kaya’ to life

Yes, that being just friends, even if the qualifier they agree on is the “best”, is commendable and wholesome, but there’s also no denying that what they share is already so ripe to be more. intimate and romantic.

Harold’s realities need more than a strong man with big dreams to break through. The fact he has to face, AM belongs to an affluent part of society, with a group of friends who waste each other and don’t care about the future since they are rich anyway. His domestic issues are bigger than AM’s juvenile pursuits. Even though the feelings he has for his best friend have grown by leaps and bounds. Not wanting to ruin and sacrifice the friendship for something soft, fleeting and uncertain, and considering the many data of his and AM’s life, Harold decides to keep his feelings at bay.

When best friends reunite at a mutual friend’s wedding, the way they come to terms with their past, how they appreciate the present and cherish its limited hours, and the gloom and uncertainty of their individual futures, continue to weigh in, making the stronger movie. it’s the representation of a love that has its chance but the people who are there have ruined everything.

It’s refreshing that Avelino and Gutierrez portrayed Harold and AM without melodramatic excesses. They definitely pulled it off, especially when each character shows off the many ways of dealing with pain and scarring, it gives audiences more reason to relate to them.

Avelino and Gutierrez played Harold and AM as if they weren’t actors, and they don’t act. There are so many moments in the movie that you’ll feel bad and sad for Harold and wonder why he never takes the chance to be honest with how he feels about AM. Avelino looks at Gutierrez with a desire and a resignation that this lady, even though I love her so much, I cannot and never will have, written in her eyes. When he cries because of AM, you cry with him and boy oh boy, you feel and carry the weight of his pain. That’s how effective Avelino is as Harold.

As an AM you understand her ways, rainbow dreams, looking at the world with optimistic, tinted glasses, Gutierrez is not a damsel in distress, but a young woman who is both fatalistic and earthy. -down. When she freaks out and accepts that she may have made the wrong choices, you feel like telling AM that “There, there! This too will pass” and “My daughter, go ahead! while there is still an iota of luck.

In addition, the soundtrack of the film is very useful in conveying to the believers of Harold and AM their deepest feelings and desires. Ngayon Kaya features songs from Mayonnaise, Typecast, Ang Bandang Shirley, Shirebound and Busking and Jonoy Danao.

Ngayon Kaya, and the wonderfully woven story of Harold and AM, portrayed with just the right amount of reserve, intensity and conviction by Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez deserves the attention and appreciation of Filipino moviegoers.

Let’s give it all our love as its theatrical screening kicks off on June 22.

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