This Japanese action movie suddenly dominates streaming

One of the best things about modern streaming platforms is that they give people the ability to watch movies that they usually wouldn’t have heard of. And right now, a largely unknown Japanese action movie is blowing up on streaming services, finally giving it the attention it deserves.

According to figures from Flixpatrol, the film Beware, Dangerous Woman: The Movie is the eighth most popular film on Amazon Prime Video right now, beating renowned movies like Mortal combat and Peter Rabbit 2.

The film was released earlier this year and was directed by Tôya Satô. The film follows the 2017 drama of the same name, and it follows Nami Isayama, a woman who married the man of her dreams, Yuki Isayama, after a blind date. However, Nami is not your average wife. In fact, she was a highly trained secret agent!

In an attempt to be a better housewife, Nami joins a women’s cooking club and quickly ends up befriending the other members of the group. This friendship leads Nami to solve other women’s issues with her contacts and spy skills.

The series ended on a cliffhanger, with Nami returning home to find Yuki pointing a gun at her, and this film picks up where the series left off. It turns out that Yuki is a member of the Public Security Bureau, and he fakes his marriage to Nami to keep her under surveillance as she is considered a threat to public security. Alas, this fake marriage has come true, as Yuki actually fell in love with Nami.

However, when Nami becomes amnesic, the couple start a new life. However, when a seizure does erupt, it seems Nami’s memories don’t stay buried. The performances of Haruka Ayase and Hidetoshi Nishijima as Nami and Yuki are a highlight. They have great onscreen chemistry and nail down the weird dynamic that makes this unlikely relationship work.

A unique spy drama, Beware, Dangerous Woman: The Movie combines action and drama in one fun package. While the angle of amnesia might sound cliché, it does mean this movie can be enjoyed even if you haven’t seen the original TV series. So if you are looking for a unique take on the spy and romance genres, Beware, Dangerous Woman: The Movie deserves a place on your watch list.

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