“This Little Love of Mine” Review – Netflix’s New Tropical Love Movie

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Welcome to Sapphire Cove

New to Netflix this week is a romance film from director Christine Luby, ‘This Little Love of Mine’. The film follows a business lawyer named Laura, played by Saskia Hampele, as she returns home to a tropical island, Sapphire Cove, to convince an old friend, Chip played by Liam McIntyre, to replace her grandfather in the head of a billion dollars. business. When she returns home and a reunion with Chip arouses feelings Laura never expected, she must make a choice about which path she will choose for her life.

‘This Little Love of Mine’ is a very easy going movie. The film looks a lot like a Punch movie I don’t mean as a negative, just an assessment of tone conventions and plot. The film has a clear audience and a very specific story that it wants to tell. To the film’s and the filmmaker’s credit, the film knows exactly what it is and what it hopes to achieve, and in that it succeeds. While this will leave some audiences disappointed and wanting more, the film will perfectly live up to the expectations of those engaged with its film subgenre.

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“This little love of mine” – what worked

As previously stated, “This Little Love of Mine” knows exactly what it is and doesn’t try to be anything other than that. While not everyone’s cup of tea, there is sure to be an audience that will fall in love with this film and its characters. From the plot, although not remarkably original, the formula of the woman returns home to become a fish out of water in her own hometown is proven with successes such as the classic Reese witherspoon romantic comedy “Sweet Home Alabama” who also played Josh Lucas, of Matt damon LED “Ford against Ferrari”, and Patrick dempsey, of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon’. While generic, the film’s plot is usable enough and allows for stunning locations and visuals.

Sapphire Cove Island is truly a sight to see and adds a nice visual aesthetic to the movie. The locations also allow for very cool sound design, as you can hear the wind whistling through the palm leaves and the ocean waves crashing onto the sandy beaches. Technically, the film is sound; the assembly is tight and efficient. The opening of the film tries out some experimental transitions which I found an interesting choice. Cinematography is very competent in the film; while not Roger deakins filming ‘1917’, the film is shot by someone who clearly has a good command of his profession.

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The characters in the film are all quite endearing and entertaining to watch. Our protagonist, Laura, has a very clear character arc that felt won over by the film’s conclusion. Saskia Hampele, who appeared in “A Few Less Men” opposite “Stranger things” actor Dacre Montgomery, does a great job of bringing sympathy to the role of Laura. His co-star Liam McIntyre, who plays Weather Wizard in the series CW DC Comics superhero show ‘The Flash’, also does a very good job of bringing charm and charisma to her character. Similar to Laura, Chip’s character has a very specific and defined arc which, while a bit generic, made me support the guy.

McIntyre does well in the comedic moments of the film, especially when his character is placed in sticky situations. The chemistry between Hampele and McIntyre is another bright spot the film has to offer – without the chemistry these two performers brought together, this film wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. The writing of the film is very upbeat, spirited. The whole film scrolls very quickly with a very pleasant and concise pace. The film does not waste time telling you its story and the efficiency of the filmmaker in his narration is notable.

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What could have worked better

What will be the selling point of this film for many will be its Achilles heel for everyone. While the plot of the film may have its appeal, it is ultimately very generic and ultimately does not offer much new or innovative; this is a general problem for the film as a whole. While the character arcs are very specific, they’re also equally played out and feel great by the numbers in terms of a romantic comedy genre. Another issue that stems from a convention like this is how the characters deal with issues. All of the characters in the film feel incredibly overly optimistic and energetic in the face of adversity that seemed a bit unnatural. While the character’s arcs seemed compelling enough, their effectiveness falters along the way as they begin to feel more and more like written characters rather than real people.

The film also has a very commercial aspect, both in terms of its appeal to a white audience and its resemblance to a television commercial. There are no big risks taken that could subvert the public expectations which seemed a little underwhelming. The filmmakers apply a very distinct yellow coloring to many outdoor beach shots that also seemed too much to handle, making the scenes look more like a vacation commercial than a movie.

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The verdict

Now, while I personally wanted the film to make an effort to try to deepen its plot and characters, many will disagree with my opinion and find the characters quite likable and the plot fun and digestible; While our opinions differ, I wouldn’t dispute the merit some would see in this film as it embraces its role as a fun and easily watched romantic comedy. The film is not without bright spots, with two charismatic performers in its lead roles as well as beautiful locations and an effort to create specific character arcs. Although this is not a movie that I will probably come back to again, if you are a fan of this kind of movie, I would recommend that you give it a chance because it will probably be one of the best watches you will enjoy from this kind of movie. .

Where to look

Discover “This little love of mine” on Netflix today. Be on the lookout for Saskia Hampele’s next film, “The Reef: Stalked” from director Andrew Traucki.

Actors: Saskia Hampele, Liam McIntyre, Lynn Gilmartin, Craig Horner

Director: Christine Luby

Writer: Georgia Harrison | Composer: Jazz d’Arcy

Producers: Steve Jaggi, Spencer McLaren, Kelly Son Hing | Director of Photography: Simon harding

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