This live-action movie leaves you intrigued and frustrated

Edward Elric and Al try to avoid Scar, who wants to eliminate everyone from Amestris. However, he has no intention of staying away. Will Scar get his revenge, or can Elric use alchemy to protect everyone, including himself?

A magician has many tricks up his sleeve, but he can only win with someone with real power. Scar, who was one of the most feared in manga and anime, is back as an antagonist this time. He was the most feared in the manga because of his backstory and even when you get to know his side of the story, Scar did the right thing. The only problem is that killing is never the right thing.

Edward Elric and Al are still so hilarious. The urge is back too and it’s not scary but comforting this time. The flame alchemist, Colonel Roy Mustang, makes quite an entrance. Alex Armstrong leaves little impression but again, this character has always been the most eccentric.

Although the creators have mostly kept the manga story intact, they have also added some new stuff for fun and it helps the story more or less. Luckily, many times this just makes the story better.

Ryosuke Yamada as Edward Elric is fun to watch even if he’s not perfect. The actor who nails his role is Dean Fujioga as Roy Mustang.

The film suffers from a lack of continuity. In order to end the scenes on a hilarious note, the creators fail to keep the story in the same flow.

The moment when Elric and Scar face off, however, is awe-inspiring and well worth it. However, there is something more in store and you have to wait until the very last scene.

Another difference between anime and live action is that anime focused on advancing the story in a realistic way. He focused on the action. Meanwhile, the film is more about the drama. It manages to hit the right chords though, telling the story of brotherly love, which is what Fullmetal Alchemist is all about.

Before you know it, the movie turns into something more. It promises to solve long-hidden mysteries and leaves you hanging by the thread.

All manga and anime fans know how live-action adaptations aren’t the best thing ever. So the expectations of such a genre are low anyway. A few, however, manage to stay afloat and Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge Of The Scar is one of those stories. It doesn’t make you love live, but it doesn’t make you want to kill yourself either. In fact, this one also leaves you intrigued as to what will happen when Elric finds a way to make his nemesis his nemesis again.

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