Trailer for A24’s teen romance flick The Sky Is Everywhere magically blends love and heartbreak

The sky is everywhere

In The sky is everywhere, a new Apple Original Film and an A24 production, love cannot exist without sorrow. Directed by Josephine Decker (You were sweet and beautiful, Shirley), the teenage romance follows one girl’s journey to bring music and joy back into her life. With awe-inspiring dance numbers and expressions of love, it sounds whimsical and emotionally devastating.

Nestled among the magical redwoods of Northern California and surrounded by her grandmother’s gargantuan roses, 17-year-old Lennie Walker, a beaming musical prodigy, struggles with overwhelming grief over the sudden loss of her older sister, Bailey. After his sister’s death, Lennie struggles to find music in everyday life, as seen by blowing his clarinet unsuccessfully.

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When Joe Fontaine, the school’s charismatic new kid, comes into Lennie’s life, she’s drawn to him. With Joe, love feels like a song, and the two quickly sweep each other’s feet. However, Lennie can’t help but feel connected to her sister’s devastated boyfriend, Toby, due to their mutual grief and bond with his Bailey.

Lennie must then choose whether to choose the one that makes her feel alive, or the one that reminds her of her sister’s death.

The sky is everywhere is written by Jandy Nelson, who wrote the novel of the same name. The Tearful of a Movie stars Grace Kaufman (Man with a plan), Pico Alexandre (Back at home), Jacques Colimon (The society), Julia Schlaeper (The politician), Ji-young Yoo, Havana Rose Liu, Cherry Jones, and a scruffy father Jason Segel.

With an all-female production team, Denise Di Novi and Margaret French Isaac are producing for Di Novi Pictures with Josephine Decker and Allison Rose Carter producing for Alice the Who.

The sky is everywhere premieres in select theaters and on Apple TV+ on Friday, February 11, 2022.

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