Trailer for Katie Holmes’ Pandemic Romance movie ALONE TOGETHER – GeekTyrant

Vertical Entertainment released a trailer for an upcoming movie alone together, a romance film set in the midst of a pandemic. The film was written and directed by Katie Holmes and she also stars in the film alongside Jim Sturges and Derek Luke. Sure, I love Katie Holmes, but I have absolutely no desire to look back on those days of pandemic lockdown.

In the film, “Going upstate for a short romantic getaway to escape the pandemic in New York City, food critic June (Holmes)’s plans go awry from the start. Arriving at the AirBnb before her boyfriend, John (Luke), she is shocked to find that he has also been double-booked by recently single Charlie (Sturgess). When John decides to stay in town to take care of his parents, June has to settle for the long haul as she realizes that the first two weeks of the pandemic may well last a little longer than expected. As spring begins to unfold around them, June and Charlie enjoy the sudden break from their routines and develop an unexpected intimacy as they bond over their goals, ambitions and, of course, their relationships.

The film also features Zosie Mamet and Melissa Leo. It is set to premiere at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival this month. Vertical will then release it in select US theaters on July 22, 2022, as well as on VOD starting July 29.

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