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About In Tranzit

In Tranzit was released on May 16, 2007 and was directed by Tom Roberts. This film lasts 1 h 53 min and is available in English. Vera Farmiga, Phillip Azarov, Thomas Kretschmann, Tatyana Yakovenko, John Malkovich, Sergey Safronov, Daniel Brühl, Andrey Fedortsov, Natalie Press, Katya Chunkova, Aleksandra Bolshakova, Patrick Kennedy, Maksim Gudkov, John Lynch, Oleg Kulikovich, Maria Meschera D.naitakova, Maria Meschera D. Evgeny Mironov, Lyudmila Shiryaeva, Eduard Censor, Thekla Reuten, Jenny Galloway, Guy Flanagan and Beverly Hotsprings star in this film. In Tranzit gets a Frenzy rating of 5.8 out of 10 digits and the film is available in the Action, Romance and Drama genres.

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